Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The BBC's White Genocide Propaganda

The opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics, if you recall, featured a stadium field full of Chinese drummers and dancers, who were all just that -- Chinese.

I'll refresh your memory:

I remember watching these opening ceremonies in '08 thinking that there was something refreshingly nationalistic about them. I knew that when the London 2012 Olympics rolled around it would be a different story entirely.

You see, the United Kingdom is a white country, and as such it has to prostrate itself to globalist multiculturalism. They will not be able to feature a sea of fit white men dancing in unison like the Chinese did. No, instead there will be loads and loads of propaganda, as in this BBC spot at top, where they do nothing but celebrate diversity and white genocide.

The BBC video asks: "Why does Britain have one of the world's largest mixed-race populations?"

Well, sir, because immigration was forced down its people's throats post WWII. The British people never voted on whether they wanted to be genocided out of existence.

Once again it's Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White Countries for EVERYBODY!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's Funny When White Boys Get Decapitated

At first I thought there was something distinctly odd about this ad for a fizzy drink.

What is strange here is that, while we have the usual bi-racial cast, the white kid isn't automatically shown as dumb and reliant on the black kid to tell him how to be cool.

The white kid is actually "cool."

Call me crazy, but somehow I had a suspicion that by the end of the commercial, something vile was just bound to happen to the white kid, just to, you know, reassure me that I wasn't dreaming and that I was still in the 21st century, the Age of Anti-White Media. White kids can't possibly be cool next to black kids. It's illegal. He must surely be punished.

How right I was. Don't you love it when those white kids get decapitated and black kids just laugh?

Imagine the "controversy" and all the bitching and moaning that would ensue if the races were reversed.

Boycott: Yoplait

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reality vs. Antiwhite Hollywood Fantasy

The viral video of Epic Beard Man has been turned into a film by the Hollyweirds.

Of course the new film
Bad Ass distorts the original, real story out of all recognition. They say it is "based on a true story," but here, instead of the white 67 year-old getting harassed on a public bus by an uppity black guy, it is two white skinheads picking on a poor, innocent Mexican! Of course!

As if they couldn't just make a movie about Epic Beard Man. No: he's white, so that would be rayyyycisss.

Our culture has a disease of the soul.

Hat tip: Scotsman.

[By the way, happy New Year. Pardon if postings slow down for a few months. I have tried to keep it up to 12 to 14 per month for over a year, and of course there is always more to post. But don't worry: I'm not getting lazy--quite the opposite! I am writing a book on the subject of this blog, and I intend to finish sometime this year. This plus a full-time job. I still intend to post about once a week, so stay tuned. Normal posting pace will resume eventually. And I will keep you all informed on the status of the new book.]