Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Slacking White Feminerds Draw The Ire Of Hard-Working Black Lesbian

More Anti-White propaganda from the GEICO Bizarro World.

After years of Affirmative Action's shoehorning blacks into jobs for which they aren't, technically speaking, qualified, we now enter a weird phase in which our elites try to convince us that blacks actually run things and that without their wise, righteous, hardworking presence, the world and workplace would soon devolve into white-male sissidom and non-productive chaos.

Hat tip: Anonymous Commenter.


  1. GEICO should be ashamed. Their ads always portray white me like this (sometimes white women too, but not as often).

  2. the white guys are jews. notice they excel at acting sissy, most jews are homosexual.

    jewish actors love playing roles where they make whites look bad. You will see jewish women promoting sex with black men, some even go as far as marrying blacks.


    Post this one. Its the most blatant one, I dare anyone to defend this. Its the Jennifer Lopez Fiat car commercial. She has male fans chasing her, jumping on her car. Look at her facial expression. She looks disgusted when white guy jumps on top of her car. They show a black guy, she pouts her lips in a sexual way.

    I used to think you were crazy in your crazy, but you are right. You have opened my eyes. The subliminal ones that happen so fast are hard to catch. Even most white nationalists are not aware of them. Your the only guy I know that catches them.

  4. This site is hilarious.

  5. A litle off-topic, but it´s a heads-up: i´ve watched recently the tv miniseries "Jason and the Argonauts" and, guess what?. Orpheus the mythical musician is depicted as a black!!. Even more, he´s a demonstration of the now typical "magical negro" role. Wise, sensible, educated, etc, etc.
    This is outrageous.

    In another series i´ve watched recently too, "Empire", Dennis Haysberth acts in the role of... a roman general (episode 4). Yeah, right, there were a lot of blacks in leading positions in 1st B.C Rome...
    Again, their role is a mentoring one, with an heroic death. Highly disgusting...


    Antiwhitemedia host, do you think jews use anti-white propaganda in TV shows? Check out the clip of the jew perfomer Geo Godley and how jewess Paula Abdul reacts. Check out his website, he has pictures of his parents who are jews. they look inbred khazar jews.

    Here are youtube comments that agree with me. They claim he was not naked, he had a g-string on the whole time but they made it seem like he was naked with the censors. If he was not naked, then how could jewess Paula Abdul overreact like that, as if she saw a penis. YOUTUBE COMMENTS ARE BELOW.


    "Yeah, this garbage is definitely set up. On its premiere they have this guy swinging his dick in public and he does it for almost a full minute with nobody stopping him. He doesn't even get arrested for it. What a great way to get more viewers for the next episode. Paula also overreacts like she has never seen a penis before... everything looks so fake and planned.

    Remember America's Got Talent chair incident: watch?v=5ShE0E5A1mo

    The guy doesn't hit his head and does a perfect pencil freeze!"

    he was wearing panties =P

    I think he had a G-string on. Either way it's extremely disgusting and vulgar.
    Makes me come security didn't take him off the stage the moment he whipped it out?

    Because it is staged you idiot.

  7. From the jew performer on X Factor, Geo Godleys website. Pictures and description he puts below.

    Mom, Dad & Bob Hope in Laos. Dad spoke very highly of Bob Hope to me when I mentioned him. Mom was less impressed, disparaging him for being an entertainer, which she considered low class and unacceptable, masked by her phoney smile is in this picture. In my case there were no such theatrics; it was the chorus I would hear until she cut me off & disinherited me. Reasons: her mother didn’t allow her to be an artist/ entertainer either & her father disinherited her. (indirectly: left it all to grannyaya who gambled it away). Note the SEXIST DRESSCODE: men wear coats, ties, trousers, women wear sleeveless half nude tops & panties.

    Dad in the Congo with Moise Tshombe (2nd left), president Joseph Kasavubu (center), & prime minister Patrice Lumumba (2nd right) before Tshombe & U.S/ Belgian authorities killed him, misinterpreting his anti-colonialism & neutrality as communism.

    Dad with totalitarian dictator, ‘alleged’ mass murderer, $5 billion USD embezzler, “president” Mobutu Sésé Seko Nkuku Ngbendu wa Za Banga. (Self appointed title meaning “the fearless warrior who goes from quest to conquest spreading fire in his wake”). And I’m worried about picking the right friends or career. Source: wikipedia

    As you can see the guys parents were US ambassadors. They were not any ordinary people.

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  9. Hey I sent this one to you like a month ago..

  10. Thanks Jews! I hope you are packing your bags because it's coming....