Wednesday, August 17, 2011

White Slave/ Black King

The so-called humor in this ad is based on the contrast between the opulence of the throne and the frumpiness of the pathetic white wage slave who is trying to look like he belongs on it. Silly mortal, golden thrones are intended for our black God-King.

Of course this video is reminiscent of the series of Terry Tate videos, where an enormous muscle-bound black athlete belittles pasty office cubicle sheep.

AWM Guarantee: You will never see Dirk Nowitzki in an ESPN commercial in which he can't find his golden throne, only to discover it has been stolen by an out-of-shape black guy.


  1. See, I take a different view on this.

    How I see it, the pathetic white wage slave has usurped the throne of the black God-king and when challenged holds his ground, refusing to give it up, leaving the Negro Deity with his crappy too-small office chair. So the nerdy white guy has now become the alpha male of the office.

    The silly idiots who made this advert obviously didn't think it through.

  2. ESPN goes out of it's way to extoll the supeior athleticism of black ballers in the most embarrassing ways possible. There is not a sinle self-respecting white male working at that network.