Saturday, August 13, 2011

BBC Racial Smokescreen: Blacks Are Reformers Not Rioters (Media Silence Is Anti-White, Volume III)

The BBC's main goal here is not to inform the populace about the dangers on their streets, but to obfuscate the real racial issue in this story.

Like most mainstream media, the BBC tried to conceal that the vast majority of the criminals participating in last weeks Tottenham riots were black.

Look how the BBC never shows close-ups of the rioters (1:31). The looters are only shadowy, hooded figures seen from a distance. They could be anyone. They could be your son, your brother, your sister. Just how the BBC wants it.

Meanwhile, they spend the second half of the video interviewing blacks close-up, good-guy blacks who take up the mantle of reform. Through the voices of the blacks they interview, who go unquestioned, unchallenged, the BBC blames the looting on "outsiders," "opportunists," "anarchists" from other neighborhoods, the local authorities' "lack of communication," the lack of jobs, or the lack of "youth projects."

They blame everything but the clear culprit: Black Mob Criminality.

Repeat the refrain: when the media ceases to disclose to whites precisely who or what endangers them, that media ceases to be useful and starts to be Anti-White.

Boycott: The BBC.


  1. Just was watching the "Basketball Wives" finale. This takes the cake literally. At the end there's a cake with a figure of a white man on the cake, and a black woman starts stabbing at the penis area with a knife saying this is the problem or something. Than after stabbing the body she flicks the figure of the white man across the room.

  2. SONIC the fast food commercial (youtube 'sonic hearts desire'). Has the song 'You can do magic' from America playing with different lyrics. The last clip of ad has a black guy with a lasso rope around the servant white man.

  3. To the first Anon poster: Why were you watching that Black show anyways? White racists always complain and talk about how much they hate Blacks, yet we're constantly on you're mind and you're addicted to everything we do. Get a life.

  4. yeah looking at an episode of vh1, a major television network, which probably wasn't even created for the black demographic, the poorest demographic, means all of those nonsense claims must be true. stop being racist! you're so worthless! get a life!

  5. I am the 1st anonynmous poster. As I was going through the many channels I just happen to see the ending of it the last 5 minutes. With so many black people taking over the networks especially the music channels, I change the channel constantly because there is nothing ever on anymore, even with 2000 channels. America has garbage programing to cater to the garbage sociuety it has become since the mud takeover.

  6. To the one who asked why the poster was watching that black show. I thought we were supposed to be one big mixed happy race though. No black, no white just human. See it is the blacks that hate the white man. And that's right we are watching what you put out there. And we will call it out.

  7. kiss my white ass

  8. As some of you may know the BBC is largely funded through the license fee. Every household with a TV is supposed to pay an annual amount to the BBC.

    Its not hard to imagine that its law abiding white working/middle class people who are most likely to comply with this.

    The vibrant looters of the last week, on the other hand, come from a demographic which is very much less likely to pay up.

    The BBC prides itself on pandering to this demographic while dismissing its mainstream white audience - the ones who pay for it all.

    The BBC is also a cheerleader for importing more vibrant minorities, you know, those ones who are less likely to pay for the BBC.

    As time goes by the group who pay - whites - will decline in numbers and willingness to pay, since the pressure on them to pay will grow to make up the shortfall while the BBC will claim thatits programming needs to reflect demographic realities ie it wont be showing stuff white people want to watch.

    Thus the BBC is digging its own grave. As do all liberal insititutions that deny racial realities.

  9. And another thing about the BBC...

    Its a virtual certainty that the BBC keeps data, internally, that pretty well shows who pays broken down by age, race, locale, social class etc.

    Im certain that this information will never be made public except on pain of death!

    Oh it would be if they could show that white middle class people over 30 were the least likely to pay, but we all know thats not the case.

  10. "To the first Anon poster: Why were you watching that Black show anyways? White racists always complain and talk about how much they hate Blacks, yet we're constantly on you're mind and you're addicted to everything we do. Get a life. "

    Same reason you are on this website maybe?

  11. overheard a dozen antiwhite conversations where i that al beeb