Saturday, September 24, 2011

Whites Have To Vote For Blacks TWICE, Or They Be Rayycisss

During the 2008 US presidential election, accusations of "racism" were often made against anyone who didn't support Obama. At the time, I knew that this tactic would succeed: Americans like to think of themselves as "moral" and "fair" and "righteous;" they're deathly afraid of not living up to "egalitarian principles."

Of course thinking individuals knew that imbedded in this media push for "fairness," for letting the black guy be president for once, was an insidious unfairness: Obama was treated with unfair deference by the Big Media who wouldn't vet him as they normally would for fear of being labelled "raaayyyycisss." They rarely asked him tough questions in interviews; they always showed him in the most positive light.

But most importantly, they corroborated with team Obama in spreading the whisper-campaign that "all who don't vote for Obama be rayyycisss."

The tactic worked so well I just knew we would see it dredged up again for the 2012 race. It's like a hit movie's bad sequel. In the video above, we see the trailer for the new blockbuster to come: in
Obama II The Wrath Of Barack we find that one has to vote for the black guy TWICE in order to PROVE beyond a shadow of a DOUBT that they aren't rayyyycisss.

This clip from Matthews is beyond hilarious. Look how he is sure to call these black commentators "professors" from whom he is eager to get "analysis." But he only asks these "professors" for their "analysis" on how we can all more effectively blame whitey.

Matthews has the audacity to suggest that whites hold their black elected officials to a higher or more "rigorous standard." No Chris, it's the other way around. If Bush had done Solyndra, Lightsquared, Rezko, Attackwatch, the failed 2016 Olympic bid, the expansion of wars in the Middle East, the expansion of rendition, and at the same time presided over perpetual 9+% unemployment, the Big Media would have annihilated him.

In contrast, they are perpetual spinmeisters on Obama's behalf. "Obama is not to blame that he has failed so badly that nobody wants to vote for him next year. It's only ever whitey's fault. They be rayyyyycisss."

CNN engages in the same tactic below.

Look how Piers Morgan sets up Morgan Freeman's Anti-White rant by asking him if the election of Obama has made rayyyycism worse. Of course Freeman takes the idea and runs with it. (I am surprised how unintelligent he seems, here without a script to emote from...Reminds me of a particular "articulate" president).

Whitey got guilted into voting for an open-borders communist Soros-stooge in 2008. But
as far as Freeman is concerned that still isn't sufficient to expunge the evil sin that flows through whitey's veins. It never will be.

Don't think that this is an appeal for people to vote "Republican." It isn't necessarily that. It is just to show how, in the 21st century's Anti-White Media, whites who dare reject the new religion
of Blackworship (or Soros' Open Borders, or Multiculturalism, or Holocaustianity) are immediately inscribed into a sinister new demonology.


  1. Amazing. The fact that Obama is the worst president by far in American history has nothing to do with wanting to get rid of him. It's all rayciss. Morgan Freeman needs to take off his race goggles!

  2. the NWO writes the history books. Obama will be considered the greatest US president. He will become MLK version 2.0. Criticizing him will become taboo. Future kosher conservatives like Rush Limbaugh will praise Obama like they do MLK. Remember, I said future kosher conservatives, not todays.

  3. more of such foolishness:

  4. These anti-white clowns just can`t help themselves can they?

    To infinity:Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  5. He certainly does not sound so eloquent like he usually does when he has a script. Stupid move on his part to throw the race card around when he has a big movie premiere. O'l whitey has had enough of this rayciss crap.

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  7. Oh, woops. I meant, the JIDF reports and use false flag operation to get websites they don't like banned.

    Somehow I didn't write this, sorry.

    Anyway, good luck.

  8. Chris Matthews is the very worst sort of brainless 2nd generation peasant stock Irish anti-American scum that the kosher kommisars thrust in our faces because they think some Americans will buy his idiocy because he is white. Morgan Freeman is a witless Communist.

  9. Yeah ok, the tea party people sprang up out of the mud , because there is a black president. It couldn't possibly be that it's because the government is overstepping their powers. As a black actor who probably has more white fans than black fans, I am surprised he even cares or noticed the president was black. But i guess they are always seeing color, while acting like it's all one race.

  10. Anon,

    I backed up the blog. Thanks for the suggestion. Will look into posting it somewhere as a zip.