Friday, November 18, 2011

Black Genius Saves World While Tenderly Protecting White Women; White Men Are Helpless Bystanders

How Steven Soderbergh's Contagion (2011) was able to turn a global pandemic into such a snore-inducing film is beyond me. Perhaps if he wasn't so concerned with being PC (which, in the Anti-White Media lexicon stands for Post-Caucasian more than it stands for Politically Correct) he would have given more thought to how he might keep his audience awake.

But he just had to make his film Post-Caucasian. This requires white male characters to be stupid janitors who don't even know that you don't ask the black head of the Center for Disease Control about diagnosing your kid's autism. "I'm not that kind of doctor" Laurence Fishburne informs the dolt.

The film is little more than slow-motion vignettes of Fishburne talking to his white female colleagues. Together, they save planet earth.

Compare Kate Winslet's respectful, attentive, careful, concerned, engaged gaze at Fishburne at :39, with the way in which, in the scene immediately after, she blows off the big white male dork that she has been forced to work with (1:01). Note how the white guy just can't keep up in the airport. He's only there to hold Winslet back from saving humanity: "I'd like to get started if that's POSSIBLE" she says (1:13).

As if the special relationship of late-night, tender phone calls with one driven, white female CDC doctor isn't enough for this film, Fishburne also must be shown in another, insightful, productive, tender relationship with Jennifer Ehle's character. It's the same relationship, doubled-up, reinforcing the film's ideological arc: white men are bystanders to the black man and white women who show professionalism and courage.

Fishburne, despite heavy emotional ties with his white female staff, is married to a black woman who, conveniently, gets attacked by masked white males(!) Another white male, who challenges Fishburne's credibility (Jude Law), proves in the end to be yet another unscrupulous criminal(!)

Can you believe that fifty years have passed between Flame in the Streets (1961), (discussed in our last post) and this year's Contagion?

FIFTY YEARS of Anti-White Media propaganda. Let's all wish an unhappy birthday and a short life to this civilization-destroying mental contagion.


  1. Was this filmed in a cinema? :-s

    Anyway, another well-written post as usual.

  2. the sickness continues. makes me want to only watch old movies from the 30's.

  3. The ham acting fool still supports Obummer so there goes his world-saving credibility unless of course you`re an anti-white cultist.

  4. whiteboys fucking your daughter fishburne

  5. whiteboys fucking your daughter fishburne

    you say that as if it's not honorable or a step up for the mulatto girl

  6. Black Worship, Magic Negro propaganda films began much earlier than 50 years ago.

    Sidney Poitier's 1950 film "No Way Out" is a prime example of early "magic negro" cinema:

    Sidney Poitier was the original poster child for this sort of propaganda. Will Smith holds the title now.

  7. The World, the Flesh and the Devil (1959)

    "Ralph Burton (Harry Belafonte) is a miner who is trapped for several days as a result of a cave-in. When he finally manages to dig himself out, he realizes that all of mankind seems to have been destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. He travels to New York City only to find it deserted. Making a life for himself there, he is flabbergasted to eventually find Sarah Crandall, who also managed to survive. Together, they form a close friendship until the arrival of Benson Thacker who has managed to pilot his small boat into the city's harbor. At this point the tensions rise between the three, particularly between Thacker, who is white and Burton, who is black."

    Examine the poster. Note the picture placement and title word order.

  8. "Examine the poster. Note the picture placement and title word order."

    Interesting. Whitey be deh devil.

  9. BTW - Any of these films can be viewed for free, online, without downloading, and without registering, at:

  10. How about this Amercian scholastic favorite: "To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)"

    "Atticus Finch, a lawyer in the Depression-era South, defends a black man against an undeserved rape charge, and his kids against prejudice."

    ...because, you know, groids never rape white women.

  11. Neoswabian, your writing skills are several notches above the average blogger and certainly on par with most any lamestream media Jewish water bearer. Have you thought about a youtube documentary a la Zeitgeist but along your even more important chosen theme?