Thursday, September 29, 2011

SunDrop: White Girl Cannot Properly Abase Herself To Category Of Africanized Ghettoslut

Yet another video in which whites are humiliated under the watchful, judgemental gaze of glorified blacks.

French psychologist Jacques Lacan speaks of the "Big Other" as anyone before whom one must keep up appearances. The Big Other might be the watchful gaze of a god or a parent, whom we as devout worshippers or as children try to appease and impress .

Here at :10 the Big Other becomes the black guy. The slightly thick-set woman, with her stiff and awkward attempt at rhythmic Africanized Ghetto-grinding, cannot win his approval, try as she might.

Why does SunDrop need to cast a black actor as the driver at :10? Because in the early 21st Century, we have replaced god with blacks as the Big Other. In so many films, in so many commercials, they become the righteous, morally perfect being before whom we must prostrate ourselves for scrutiny and final judgement.

In doing so we are humiliated, debased, deracinated.

Note at :27 how the pale, geeky, inept, white male-meat is contrasted with the easy-going, naturally ebullient ebony girl with the big breasts in the foreground.

The geeky white girl (the commercial's main character), blurred out at :26, is paired in our minds with her geeky white male twin at :27. How might these white geeks save themselves from a reality of eternal geekdom? The answer is in the subsequent frame, at :28, which depicts, right behind the SunDrop logo, an in-your-face example of uber-miscegenation--a bikini clad blonde girl paired with a wide-smiling, be-muscled black guy, a black guy who in no way is being singled out for optical ridicule as was the white beanpole at :27.

SunDrop supports white genocide.

Boycott: SunDrop.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Goodbye Blue Sky

A bit of a departure, I know. But I found this to be a more moving, thought-provoking commentary on our pernicious Anti-White Media than anything I could post today.

P.S. RAMZPAUL uses "youths" as a tongue-in-cheek pseudonym for blacks.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Whites Have To Vote For Blacks TWICE, Or They Be Rayycisss

During the 2008 US presidential election, accusations of "racism" were often made against anyone who didn't support Obama. At the time, I knew that this tactic would succeed: Americans like to think of themselves as "moral" and "fair" and "righteous;" they're deathly afraid of not living up to "egalitarian principles."

Of course thinking individuals knew that imbedded in this media push for "fairness," for letting the black guy be president for once, was an insidious unfairness: Obama was treated with unfair deference by the Big Media who wouldn't vet him as they normally would for fear of being labelled "raaayyyycisss." They rarely asked him tough questions in interviews; they always showed him in the most positive light.

But most importantly, they corroborated with team Obama in spreading the whisper-campaign that "all who don't vote for Obama be rayyycisss."

The tactic worked so well I just knew we would see it dredged up again for the 2012 race. It's like a hit movie's bad sequel. In the video above, we see the trailer for the new blockbuster to come: in
Obama II The Wrath Of Barack we find that one has to vote for the black guy TWICE in order to PROVE beyond a shadow of a DOUBT that they aren't rayyyycisss.

This clip from Matthews is beyond hilarious. Look how he is sure to call these black commentators "professors" from whom he is eager to get "analysis." But he only asks these "professors" for their "analysis" on how we can all more effectively blame whitey.

Matthews has the audacity to suggest that whites hold their black elected officials to a higher or more "rigorous standard." No Chris, it's the other way around. If Bush had done Solyndra, Lightsquared, Rezko, Attackwatch, the failed 2016 Olympic bid, the expansion of wars in the Middle East, the expansion of rendition, and at the same time presided over perpetual 9+% unemployment, the Big Media would have annihilated him.

In contrast, they are perpetual spinmeisters on Obama's behalf. "Obama is not to blame that he has failed so badly that nobody wants to vote for him next year. It's only ever whitey's fault. They be rayyyyycisss."

CNN engages in the same tactic below.

Look how Piers Morgan sets up Morgan Freeman's Anti-White rant by asking him if the election of Obama has made rayyyycism worse. Of course Freeman takes the idea and runs with it. (I am surprised how unintelligent he seems, here without a script to emote from...Reminds me of a particular "articulate" president).

Whitey got guilted into voting for an open-borders communist Soros-stooge in 2008. But
as far as Freeman is concerned that still isn't sufficient to expunge the evil sin that flows through whitey's veins. It never will be.

Don't think that this is an appeal for people to vote "Republican." It isn't necessarily that. It is just to show how, in the 21st century's Anti-White Media, whites who dare reject the new religion
of Blackworship (or Soros' Open Borders, or Multiculturalism, or Holocaustianity) are immediately inscribed into a sinister new demonology.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Slacking White Feminerds Draw The Ire Of Hard-Working Black Lesbian

More Anti-White propaganda from the GEICO Bizarro World.

After years of Affirmative Action's shoehorning blacks into jobs for which they aren't, technically speaking, qualified, we now enter a weird phase in which our elites try to convince us that blacks actually run things and that without their wise, righteous, hardworking presence, the world and workplace would soon devolve into white-male sissidom and non-productive chaos.

Hat tip: Anonymous Commenter.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

GEICO: Sissified White Caveman Engages In Blackworship

Not only did the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett promote the most Anti-White president in American history, his companies' ads also consistently humiliate white men.

In the ad above, the white guy is doubly humiliated.

First, he is depicted as a caveman, i.e. not fully evolved. Then, as if that weren't enough, he is also feminized. So while we might think of the pre-historical caveman as a "supermasculine menial," the antithesis to today's metrosexual phenotype, this Geico version of a caveman can't cut a break either way; he is both dumbed-down on the evolutionary ladder as well as emasculated as any latte-sipping sissy boy.

Note how the camera hangs on the black guy's muscular back at the very start of the ad. The camera is prying, spying on some private locker-room goings-on. This alone valorizes the black man as the desire object. Then comes the hurried pawing of the white beggar. Instantly a hierarchy is established: the white guy at the bottom, the black guy at top, the beneficent distributor of boons. The white can beg for salvation, but whether or not he gets it is entirely up to the whim the black god.

"Come on Sunshine!" says the blonde woman, twisting the deep-driven dagger of the white guy's humiliation. She tosses a pom-pom, which positively startles him!

Boycott: Geico, Berkshire Hathaway.

These kinds of ads are both postscript and prescript. They reflect current Anti-White attitudes as well as give a prescription for further Anti-White action.

Turning whites into cavemen makes explicit their pending extinction, their planned obsolescence. That the Geico caveman is depicted as weak and ineffectual is fitting: Anti-White media brainwashes whites into forswearing self-assertion, and the removal of self-assertion in a group is genocide.

When a species in nature no longer fights for its survival or actively pursues its interests EVEN AT THE EXPLICIT EXPENSE OF OTHERS, it is fast-tracked to extinction.

Ironically, the idea that “we can all just get along” is promoted by precisely the same people who wish us harm, who wish us to cease to fight for ourselves. Nature is competition and conflict, a “war of all against all,” the Hobbsean bellum omnium contra omnes. Whites have every right to participate in this war as much as any other group, human or non-human.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

E!News Celebrates Miscegenation As "News"

A follow-up to yesterday's miscegenation propaganda: you know there is a problem with our culture when "entertainment news" shows gleefully report on the minor flirtations that occur on the set of a commercial about water.

But hey, this is potential black-on-blonde miscegenation we're talking about here, so apparently it instantly becomes BIG NEWS to be reported with ENTHUSIASM.

Look how 50 Cent ogles the poor girl from his boxing rink :05-:11.

I was going to transcribe what he is saying here, but honestly for the life of me I can't figure it out. I'm sure it's something vile.

Regardless, it gets taken up as "news" by E! and spread worldwide.

Boycott: E!, NBCUniversal.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Vitamin Water: Blacks Humiliate White In Front Of Gorgeous Blonde

The usual Anti-White eye poison from Coca-Cola Company, makers of Vitaminwater.

Carrie Underwood plays a hot blonde training with a lot of inept white cosmonauts and powerful, dominant blacks.

Watch how she is used to tease us with desire (:26) in the instant before the black man's fist punishes the formerly feisty white trainer (:29). The message: don't think, white man, that you can assert yourself when a black man is in dah house.

More sexual humiliation comes at 1:06. Stop the video there. Note the sexual position of Underwood in relation to the black man behind her, as if he has her in a doggystyle position.

She is straddling the limp white guy, who absolutely begs her for CPR: "Revive me!"

Underwood's expression at 1:08 indicates such an idea is repulsive to her. And at the moment that she rejects the white guy's pathetic advances, she is surrounded by victorious blacks.

Boycott: Vitaminwater, Coca-Cola

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Good-Natured White Girl Schooled By Conceited Blacks

Here Disney and the Obama White House team up for a public service message about the "Magic of Healthy Living." Getting regular exercise might be one way to live magically and healthfully, yet this video also contains more subliminal instruction, namely demonstrating how it is magical and healthful for young white girls to play hoops in the urban park with their black boyfriends.

The interracial pairing here is made explicit at 1:00, when it gets sanctioned as if from on high by the First Lady's winking quote: "I do know excellent teamwork when I see it!"

But why are these blacks so conceited and so condescending to the poor girl? Disney and the White House are probably unaware how off-putting their script is. At :22 the black kid says, mockingly: "Maybe [hitting 30 freethrows straight is] not possible for you..." At :50, Michelle Obama says, condescendingly: "You know, eleven's not that bad."

These two blacks thus school the poor girl in various ways, showing her a) how to put deh bawl in deh hoop, and b) how to get all helfy and shit, and c) how to listen to the sagacious wisdom of black authority figures and d) how to pair herself up with a black guy.

The poor white girl never questions any of this. She goes along with the whole program with a dumb smile on her face - just how Disney and the White House want her to be!

Disney and the White House are Anti-White.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nick Jr./Viacom: "Friends" Team Up Against Lazy Whitey

This is just a small sample of the kinds of brainwashing that Viacom conducts on your kids through their channel Nick Jr.

Nick Jr., according to Wiki, is "aimed at
2 to 6 year olds."

Though this is just one sequence in an entire series, it is pretty much representative. The white guy's character is by and large "dorky" and is often upstaged or shown up by the others.

Meanwhile the jewish girl and black boy are "cool" and sing together on more than one occasion about how they are "best friends," or "special friends" who give each other "a hand."

[Update: This post was originally written under the assumption that Shayna Rose (the red haired, blue eyed girl) was a white gentile. But a commenter pointed out that she is in fact a member of "the tribe." I would imagine she has ample amounts of Celtic/Galatian blood, or that her hair is a dye job. Regardless, the fact remains that she teams up with the "cool," "hardworking" black boy against the lazy white boy, and as such this remains an example of Anti-White Media. Thanks to all commenters.]

Sunday, September 11, 2011

eHow: How To Make A Family

Just in case you were wondering.

Hat tip: Anonymous commenter.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

White Guy Ruins The Day Of Cool Black Protagonist, Sagacious Black Man Has The Answers

"Are you in good hands?" Asks Dennis Haysbert, Allstate's Magic Spokesnegro.

This video depicts a cool black guy, cruising down the road in his flashy new ride. All is well until da white man crashes into him.

Two cool, successful, reliable blacks in one 30-second commercial, whereas the only white guy is "he who will crash into your car and ruin your day."

Friday, September 9, 2011

Kanye: White Women Are Zombie Sex Slaves For Blacks

Ah, wholesome modern "entertainment."

This video promotes images and lyrics that blend Anti-White snuff-film gore with interracial other words, it's fun for the whole family!

Here Kanye is a "Monster," whose victims are strewn about the his darkened lair, decapitated, lynched, and dismembered. He's rapping about his insatiable sexual appetite: his trophy corpses are all women, and clearly the majority and most prominently placed of these are white.

"Less talk more head right now, huh?" He raps at :32.

(Get it? More 'head'? in decapitation and fellatio? Isn't that clever!?)

Also, the dead white woman who slumps into Kanye's reclined body at 2:00 does so in a way that suggests fellatio.

No police, no hero, certainly no white man, ever shows up to rescue these women from their hellish fate as interracial sex-meat.

As our last post proclaimed: elitesters try to dehumanize their enemy, whomever they are trying to defeat or oppress or subjugate. What does the dehumanization, the zombification, of whites in these videos mean? Who is trying to create a Miscege-nation, a Misogy-nation, a nation of zombie white meat, easily cowed, controlled? Why? Who benefits?

When do the white heroes show up? In the video they don't. But in reality?

Boycott: Universal Music Group, Vivendi.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Obama Administration's White Genocide Training Video: Anti-Whites Go Into Trailer Park, Hack At, Shoot Whites

In addition to all the Anti-White advertising and news reporting of late, it looks like we now have to contend with an Anti-White video game that trains fledgling Anti-Whites to A) see "typical" whites as "zombies," to B) kill these white zombies, and to C) spout pro-Obama talking points.

Point A is crucial. Dehumanization is the first step in the oppression of a people.

In the game, your mortal enemies are all white and only white. They live in trailer parks. They fly Confederate flags. They're Tea Partiers.

Give it a whirl:

Notice how, if you kill enough white people and complete a level, you are given lessons in the Obama school of economics. Obviously some high ranking Obama advisor signed off on the release of this game. I wonder which jew it was?

Regardless, their message is clear: Kill Whitey!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dumb Honkies Crash Into MSU (Miscegenation Suggestion University)

Professional Magic Negro Dennis Haysbert stars as the voice of the "good hands" of Allstate. Yes that's right, the same Haybert that played the Magic Negro in one of the most Anti-White movies of recent years (which is saying a lot) Far From Heaven.

Here a powerful black man is asserted twice, both times to protect you from the worthless honky. First we encounter (at :17) the hulking presence of the black football star, white girl draped over his shoulder, fighting back against the two hillbilly white men who have defaced team and tribe.

Then, another powerful black man, Haysbert himself, as narrator. He represents the insurance company who will also protect you from the aforementioned white hick lunatics.

Two black man pitted against two dumb white men who can't drive. Casting-wise, what are the odds?

Pretty high, I reckon, in the era of Anti-White Media.

Boycott: Allstate.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sky News: Are You Going To Believe Us Or Your Own Lying Eyes?

"You're not being stereotypical there?" Asks Sky News reporter Kay Burley when her interviewee has the audacity to mention that the people who looted his shop were black.

Kay Burley: I’m sure they weren’t all black, were they?

Big Jim: OK, then. Let me then to say they weren’t all black. I was the white guy there.

Kay Burley: Well, there were probably other white guys there as well.

Big Jim: I didn’t see any.

Note how it is far more important for the media to assert that some of the rioters were white than it is for them to report eyewitness accounts to the contrary. This man was there on the scene saying he saw black rioters, and all this "reporter" can do is essentially call into question his judgment and implicitly label him raaayyycisss.

Anti Racism is a code word for Anti White.

Hat tip to Majority Rights for turning us on to this video.