Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sky News: Are You Going To Believe Us Or Your Own Lying Eyes?

"You're not being stereotypical there?" Asks Sky News reporter Kay Burley when her interviewee has the audacity to mention that the people who looted his shop were black.

Kay Burley: I’m sure they weren’t all black, were they?

Big Jim: OK, then. Let me then to say they weren’t all black. I was the white guy there.

Kay Burley: Well, there were probably other white guys there as well.

Big Jim: I didn’t see any.

Note how it is far more important for the media to assert that some of the rioters were white than it is for them to report eyewitness accounts to the contrary. This man was there on the scene saying he saw black rioters, and all this "reporter" can do is essentially call into question his judgment and implicitly label him raaayyycisss.

Anti Racism is a code word for Anti White.

Hat tip to Majority Rights for turning us on to this video.


  1. Note to non-Brits.

    Sky News is the British arm of News International ie the British version of Fox News.

    As we all know Fox/Sky are 'right-wing'.

  2. I saw this video a couple of weeks ago. She actually tries to tell the witness what he saw... mental.

    Heres another interview which backfired. It was only broadcast once as it shows those magical blacks as stupid morons.


    that's a sick video. if the uk doesn't reconquista, it will be a subjegated african hellhole by 2066. 1000 years unconquored, only to be suckered in the end by a cabal of new world order multicultist jews - jack straw, the milibands, the rothschilds, peter mandelson.

    what would nelson do?


    Here it is!

  5. I saw this on TV live. I couldn't believe my ears.

  6. Lying Jews and their paid media whores.

    How much more are you going to take of it world!??