Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Edition

Video 1) White male, wimpy, gets ignored/shut down by black woman.
Video 2) White male, weak, can't keep up. Wife, tired of his crying, must take charge.
Video 3) Black guy is calm, strong, reasonable. White woman tries to be "cool" and "with it" in his presence.

Boycott Wal Mart this holiday season.


  1. The last one was hilarious. LOL.

  2. Boycott Black Friday. Only Sheeple participate in such vacuous American "traditions".

  3. Only anti-whites would be this lamoid in real life.

  4. Sometimes I wonder what they pay these white "actors." Who spread the meme their race sucks for a few shekels? Pathetic.

  5. Oops. Make that "Who WOULD spread the meme..."

  6. hello, i have a s**tload of material for this website.
    i recommend the latest jewlywood movie:

    "epic beard man: the movie" and see the spin hey put on the real life event. IT'S MIND-BOGGLING!

    also, you should turn it into a real website with sections: press/video/music/games/art

    or else i will.

  7. white male actors should refuse to act wimpy

  8. Your website has gotten more popular it seems. I see more Anti-white posters now.

    Before we only had one--- the anonymous poster who could see the jew but not the anti-white aspect of the commercials.

  9. Imagine if #1were made with a white woman and a black man? :-)