Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fat White Clown Acts Like Clown In Front of Wife and Black Woman

"This beat comes from the great white north. The fat ugly useless white man, thinks he's right about investing, but needs the black woman to confirm to the fatso he is, in fact, right. The stupid white man acts retarded and loud, and is so happy that the smart black has made him feel right." Note the black gentleman looking confused at the barbarian antics of the white buffoon.

Submitted by Rob.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Are You Gellin', White man?

At the :24 second mark, is when it happens. The geeky, awkward white guy with his hot white girlfried tries to be "hip," saying "I'm gelling," sure to over-pronounce the final ING on "gelling" like the square he is. Oh, but you know you need to leave it to the self-assured black man, the authority on what is cool, to put the poor pathetic white loser in his place. "You're so NOT gellin'!"

I am so glad Dr. Scholls has informed the world what it takes to be hip and attractive to women. We just need to buy their product and act ever more black. Riiiiight. [Surely I'll do neither.]

Submitted by: Sirrealpolitik

Black Man Rules in a Room of Pathetic Whites

Text: Ah, yes. The same old scenario: Black man, a commanding presence in the room at the head of a conference table, surrounded by sniveling and sycophantic whites. Ingeniously, "you" the viewer are in the meeting, and are being ridiculed by the assertive, infallible, and yet still likable presence of the black man, who even sticks up for the poor, pathetic, wimpy, loser white man who humiliatingly got coffee spilled all over him--by "you," apparently.

But it's ok, though this black man is so big and strong, with such a deep husky voice, he's compassionate. He'll let "you" off the hook. He's a gentle, magnanimous giant. And that, simply put, is why, in the world of this commercial, he rules, and you, as a white person, are as lowly as a pale squirming maggot.

Boycott: Syms

Submitted by: Sirrealpolitik