Thursday, October 8, 2009

White People These Days...

I'm not going to blame anybody (re: Hollywood Jews) for entartete kunst like this, other than these hyper Marxist feminist dykey types that almost always grew up in some small town and are looking to strike back at something. Notice the subtle anger displayed towards normative White men, representative, perhaps, of childhood sexual abuse, and the horrid wheezing lesbian warbling the soundtrack. I came across this while browsing the Trailers section over at Yikes. These "artsy" types - I do have my suspicions that the lead actress is, indeed, an octoroon - circa 2009 really need psychiatric help, better parenting, or two barrels to the temple. I can imagine the only people that would watch this film would be a handful of fat curly haired half-Asian juniors at SUNY Purchase; but still, a number of people will watch the trailer, hence it will make this site. Even Hollywood isn't this bad.

Although this is pretty egregious:

The West needs help.


  1. "Artsy" has become a synonym for all manner of low IQ, dysgenic, tattooed and pierced misfits and freakshows. Like those who feature in these films.

    I can't imagine what people would find appealing about this perpetually dissatisfied, deviant way of life.

  2. Very sick. Hymewood is like a distorted carnival mirror;,when looked at it sends back a distorted impression of reality. Trouble is that impressionable, young minds see this and their minds become warped to match the mirror; so the abnormal and degenerate become normal and good.
    These shysters do seem to get off on seeing white women with negroids.

  3. You're onto something. I wonder if the Afro-Asiatic curly haired Jew, angry that his inbreeding has caused his ugliness, both interior and exterior, gets some kind of sick sexual satisfaction from watching the most beautiful people of the earth degenerate themselves.