Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How Is This Worthwhile Reading?

How about an article stating "Why the British Managed to Control 75% of the World and Civilize the World's Myriad Brownfaces"?

Nah, Hirschel, let's put a front-page article up about why these White men have bad teeth when 70% of the muds around the world haven't discovered running water, and hence, proper hygeine.


  1. I'll tell you why certain sections of the British public have got bad teeth, and that's because the "Socialist" National Health service isn't worth a F*****g toss.
    We pay God knows how many thousands per anum in extra taxes to subscribe to N.H.S. dentistry, and then have an open borders policy that stops thousands of Indigenous people from being able to access their own damned dentist.
    Why? - because the said dentists have over subscribed themselves with untold amounts of freeloading immigrants.

    Of course we can always pay again, you know, after the Immigrant has taken our place, whilst we've payed all the taxes, but of course that's Not Cheap - I think at this present juncture there's around 1.7 American dollars to the British pound, so just to cancel a private appointment costs between fifty to sixty bucks.

    We pay while immigrants (mainly Islamic) freeload.......

    That my American cousins....Is Socialism in a f*****g nutshell..

  2. You're White. You ain't got no rights. Some curry-head does.

    This shit has got to come to a head soon.

  3. Today the Worlds white population is estimated to be between 9-14% and shrinking fast. We're doomed, we can't survive, we're being systematically culled, partly of our own making in not breeding in large enough quantities, but also because of the Socialist doctrine that wishes to rid the evil Caucasian populous from the face of the Planet.

    Have you ever come across a Marxist entity called Common Purpose and the Fabian society?

    Essentially, that's where the term "Third Way politics" is derived from. Hence Blair, Brown, Obama, and Kevin Rudd Prime Minister of Australia, are all ardent subscribers to this poisonous strain of Socialism. Michael Tsarian can explain this concept to you far better than I.

  4. I too see this bullcrap on TV, magazines, wherever there is a image for people to look at. White men are pictured as uncool, fat, bigoted, stupid, lazy, etc... (unless a homosexual is pictured). Children's textbooks are even worse, they basically excise whites(males) and Western heritage.
    My wife laps the TV bs all up, she has been well conditioned over the years. Even a left handed comment of how anti-white TV shows, news, and commercials are makes her extremely "uncomfortable" (even though she is a moderate race-realist herself).
    TV is an insidous tool that has been destroying Western tradition for years.

    Dazed and Confused: I looked up the Common Purpose and it made me almost kick a hole in the wall. True evil disguised as "progressive".

  5. Mickey

    I give you Common Purpose in full.

    It's with the Yanks too. - under the Marxist eye of a creature named Lisbeth B. Schorr.

  6. Are you f**kin' kidding me? Where did you find that heresy?

  7. Found it here Apparently it's your new Xmas stamp, but as Islam, and Muslims detests Christmas, I really am struggling to think of why it's been done.

  8. Is that a White Nationalist blog?

  9. No! - Anything but...Old Holborn is possibly the most popular blog on the British Internet, and he NEVER gets things wrong.

  10. Heres the story from the U.S., but the pictorial link is broken, possibly so it doesn't offend Muslims.

  11. .Old Holborn is possibly the most popular blog on the British Internet, and he NEVER gets things wrong.

    Er... I do