Monday, October 12, 2009

Those Notorious Brinks Commercials

I've heard commentary on these, from the perspective of your average Republican, beer-sipping, football-watching, Negro-worshipping Amerikwan male, stating that these adverts are hostile to men. Are you kidding me? You don't notice something more vile? For example:


Those young mystery-meat children are just enjoying their television with their White/Latina mother when, BOOM, in crashes a Bulgarian skinhead, intent on playing Bootface with the miscegenator and her spawn. Because this situation is fairly common in the Disjewnited States of Amerikwa.


White woman showering. This is obviously NOT a target for the ravaging hordes of blacks who just can't wait to get their Muhdikk on. It is a target for a blue-eyed White fellow, because statistically, Northern Europeans just love breaking and entering. Well, hey, at least they showed this guy trying to finesse his way through the door rather than smashing it, as is the modus operandi for most Minority-Run Home Invasions©.


A particularly touching one. Divine Aryan woman running, alone. Suddenly, two savage, wild looking, rugged White men appear in the window, because Aryan women should be afraid, no, terrified, of rugged looking White men, and choose Mestizos and Blacks as suitable mates to ensure their protection whilst training. These incompetents also appear fairly jolted by the sudden alarm, since electricity is quite foreign to the White man. Well, let's look on the bright side. At least they run once this is triggered. We know that an alarm would be nothing but a soundtrack to the Rape N' Robbery: Blax EditionTM.


Raise your hand. The "criminal" in this case appears to be better suited to teaching dance to some Eurasian homosexuals in San Francisco. Who has ever seen a burglar that doesn't have a skin-shade at least seven-shades lighter than this guy?


Alright, these are getting redundant, I admit, but they're just so dang hysterical. Fair haired White woman is seen here with White metrosexual (hell, at least he's White, right?). Working class White male shows signs of obvious jealousy and does a terrific running kick which unhinges the door; after all, White men are emotionally unstable! Let's give this son-of-a-bitch a job working for the far right. He'll do great when it comes time to round up all the traitors.


And once again, we have the dark haired woman and child, husband non c'e and of possible unspoken ethnic influence, being terrorized by a fellow that looks like he's ex-IRA. Man, after watching these, even I'm starting to hate these daggone crackers!


  1. These gave me a good laugh. Especially the Bulgarian skinhead and the San Fran dance instructor. These people go so far out of their way to not be racist that they end up being racist against whites and make themselves look stupid in the process. But it's all about securing a customer base, right? Because that's what's important in life.

  2. if this continues, moms with their kids will start crossing to the other side of the street when a White guy is coming towards them. How sad.