Thursday, October 15, 2009

Babies, babies, babies!

Irony! The dark hair is subtle; it seems to purvey the image of multiracialism and diversity more so than would an image of four White women, each equipped with with the array of hair colors available to Whites - i.e., blonde, redheaded, brunette, black, auburn, etc., etc., - since the many "diverse" races of the world all... share... the... same... hair... color.

Oh well, diversity, pendejos!

Anyways, what's the message here? It's okay for brown women to be reproducing exclusively in Western cultures? That the brown women that are reproducing look nothing like the denizens of those inner-city spawning pools and welfare nests? That White men should get brown women knocked up because they're more fertile, or more attractive, or... Help me out here, guys. I only threw this up because it must be a slow day at Corporate Jew Headquarters.


  1. Even if there isn't an agenda here to breed out desirable recessive traits, there should be an agenda to preserve them. This ad really does need a blonde or a redhead. They need more encouragement to pass on their rare, beautiful traits.

  2. Well, the dark-skinned peoples are more prone to unwanted pregnancies, so why not make the ad cater to them? A white might be more likely to go to the doctor and not rely on some crappy kit.

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