Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Serious Post, Part 2. Dysgenics in the West: The Worst of Human Nature or Media Agenda?

Every Friday I'll devote a post to serious discussion, and am willing to engage the readers in understanding the phenomena around us in this degenerate, backwards world.

The question, this time, is why White childbirth is spurned by the media, and when childbirth is lauded or paraded, it is almost always associated with non-White birth.

A quick glimpse at MSN, for example, reveals this:

There are immediate incentives being put forth for non-Whites to procreate. But is this coincidental? Clicking on the link brings about these disparate images in sequence:

Why no White children, all-encompassing media-entity, God of the West? Any images that are devoted to White children necessarily and wholly have non-White children included in the image. It begs the question, in accordance with the protests of the many globalist / multi-culturalist / towel-throwers that have gripes with sites such as these, that perhaps it is not an agenda, but more of an expression of reality, of the collapse of the West carried upon the shoulders of an inured population that cares nothing for its own dysgenics? Today's biggest news story, is of course, about the 'Balloon Boy.'

The story in itself is newsworthy, and perhaps alarming. But what is more alarming is the casualness of the presentation of not only the media, but of the father himself, of a mixed-race marriage. Perhaps these children will be intelligent and beautiful, pale shadows of pure-White children, and the pairing is not the worst combination in the scheme of demographic decay, though I do have the sense that the father went into the relationship under the worst conditions of apathy that results from the status-quo that race-does-not-matter and that whatever does not act like a feminist-over-sexed-psychopath (as is the case among many White American women these days, unfortunately, thanks wholly to the JEW) is a suitable mate for continuation of being in the purposelessness of Amerikwan existence. The question is, how many, many cases of this are there? How many people are denying the right to existence of White children simply through apathy? And is this apathy the result of or the cause of excessive portrayal of mixed-families in the media?

The Gosselin family is constantly front page news. The Duggars are not. Is this statistics, and the future will really be entirely composed of Eurasians and mulattoes, or is it deliberate? Is human nature simply revealing itself through our sex drives and sexual frustration in a world where morality and purpose has wholly vanished through deliberate external battering, whereas in an ideal world (re: 60 years ago) the success of ones race for the benefit of oneself should guide ones mating preferences? What is the purpose of these mixed-race children? To carry on oneself into the globalist utopia of niente, where race does not matter, only self-preservation for the purpose of fundamental and animal self-preservation, through sex and procreation, regardless of with whom it is done? Or is this the result of the weakness of the soul of people, such that they cannot see the zeitgeist as inherently flawed and counter to nature and the human yearning for meaning?

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