Friday, October 30, 2009

"Snoring Chimp Causing His Coalburner to Lose Shuteye"

Caption from

Image from The Daily Mail in the JewK.


  1. Your blog is entertaining, but you have really lost it this time. If the picture had featured a white guy instead, you would have said it was associating a negative image (snoring) with white people. Now it's a black guy, you say it's promoting race mixing. And if they had put a black girl next to the black guy, you would have said they are phasing white people out of the scene altogether.

    A racist black person looking at this same picture could equally say that it is anti black. The truth is that Jews portray everyone except themselves in negative ways. (Look at how they portray Arabs, for example.) The media is not anti white, it is anti ALL NON-JEWS. It is time for all races to leave racism behind and unite against the common threat.

  2. No. I have nothing in common with the other races.

    The Jews want us to all be one race of stupid mulattos so they can better control us.

    I'm not uniting with anyone except other whites.