Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday Afternoon Compare and Contrast

So much of how we perceive our world in the modern age is through visceral comprehension of everything around us, particularly the linking between images and words. An individual, if presented with images of a common thread, each associated with negative descriptions, will internalize these things; this is almost certainly a determinable effect on some people when exposed to propaganda of similar ilk over, and over, and over. That is why it is called propaganda. These are all from CNN, same day, related articles through parallel linkage. Tell me this is a coincidence now, you slimy, evil anti-White racist apologists.

Your White boyfriend is a loser, and annoying. Unhappy relationships ensue with White men.

 Your White relationship is annoying. Unhealthy relationship ensues with White couplings.

 Your White relationship is disgusting and unhealthy.

Successful and enduring White couplings are unrealistic.

So then, CNN - unbiased news source dedicated almost entirely to the genocide of White Americans with your month-long feature on Latrino in Amerika - and all your drooling, stubble-faced Jewish cronies and self-hating effeminate liberal reporters and followers, and dyke bloggers with bowl haircuts and strange looking brown boyfriends, on a subconcious level, underneath all your sadistic racist desires so much so that you wish Whites to disappear forever because of their perceived evils on every level - including simply loving one another, what constitutes a healthy relationship?

This isn't a trend only found on CNN, but across the entire spectrum of Maxist media. Almost all images that are associated with negative content on MSN and CNN appear to be coordinated with images of Whites. All, and I mean, all, positive content is corroborated by images of blacks.




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