Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sorry For the Lapse, But

HEY WHITE AMERICA! FUCK your own White kids! Who cares about those degenerate pieces of shit?! They're worthless! In fact, put them in close proximity with a gigantic, 6'8", powerfully built black kid with a sordid family history, and even let him sleep in your house with your gorgeous blonde children and wife! Let him FUCK them! Smile and watch as your daughter is carried into the bedroom upon the shoulders of this volatile killing machine! He's not going to hurt you! It's not like once in a while blacks go on violent, sadistic rape-n'-murder fests when they come in contact with pretty White people! And walking into a housing project dressed like that (1:50) won't even elicit a single cat call or terrifyingly aggressive and physical sexual advance from unemployed hoodlums! That's just the evil White racists making shit up about runaway sons of crack addicts and their propensity for committing crimes involving Boric acid, brillo pads, hack-saws, lye, guns, butcher knifes, machetes, bleach, fire and gang rape that are completely unimaginable to the average White! Hell, taking in the son of a crack-addict of any race is a great, terrific, superb idea! You piece of evil White shit! Your life is great, and you have beautiful Aryan kids! You should be ashamed of yourself!

Oh yeah, and check out that look from the White girl at 2:30. Seems like a solid investment in your genetic future, sweetie. That guy can overhead press a six year old and has a 2.5 GPA. He's worth forsaking your bloodlines for, ain't it?


  1. Tell that to the morons commenting on YouTube! I see about 90% raves. This movie looks terrible.

    1. I'm unable to view this. What's the title of this so I can look it up on youtube?

  2. The sickness knows no bounds. The Blind Side is one of the more disgusting things to have emerged in this sick war on the dwindling 8% of the world's population who are responsible for everything, EVERYTHING (were it not for white civilization, global population would not be 7 billion, it would be closer to 750 million).

    I'm working on some theories that attempt to explain the sickness that is liberalism and the anti-white, pro-minority ethos that erupts like puss from it. It's a spin on "comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable." It's all about the science of morality. Read more on