Sunday, October 18, 2009

Particularly Egregious Example

Maybe I'm over-exaggerating.

But what do we make of commercials like this one? If anything, this one is pretty funny. I'll post it to see what people think. "Black Taco" may simply be an attempt at sexual humor, but there is also the overemphasis on the word "black" contrasted sharply to, once again, your stumbling, doofy, unattractive White prick. They really had to go dredging the World of Warcraft forums to find this spongey, pig-eyed, half-scalped dweeb to represent your average White? Notice the only other Whites in the commercial are a faggot and a blonde, both linked closely to the word and imagery of "black." This is blatant.

I apologize for the poor quality. I will post a better one if I can find it.


  1. Are you kidding me? How is this anti-White? There aren't even any Black people in the ad! How do you know the model is gay? What is wrong with White women dressing in black? The White guy is surrounded by beautiful White women! Does every White guy in ads have to look like Dolph Ludgren to keep you from being offended? You're REALLY reaching here. I keep looking at this blog to see REAL examples of "anti-whiteness". So far, I'm not impressed. The closet you've gotten was the one, and even that is due to your oversensitivity. You're like those crazy Blacks who say that pool is racist because the white ball knocks the black ball down to win the game. Lord have mercy.....

  2. So stop reading the blog, nigger-lover.

  3. I was the original commentator. Years ago, I had the pleasure of working with these kind of marketing people, so I have some limited insight. These clowns really do geek out over the smallest details and get paid a lot of money to do it, too.

    Perhaps the message here is "you can get hot chicks, even if you're a spongey pig-eyed dweeb, so long as you eat at Taco Bell". Again, what kind of guy eats at Taco Bell? A dweeb or an Alpha Male? The taco shell is black, so they want to repeat the word "black" over and over again to beat it into your head. I'm afraid I'm not seeing the anti-White on this one, though--just an insidious way to talk people into eating shit food.

  4. I have to agree with the first post. I was curious to find out if indeed there are anti-white messages in the media and your examples are at best over-reaching and at times nonsensical.

    To me, your examples had an effect opposite to that which you intended in that your examples lead me to think that the media is not biased against Whites.