Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dancing Our Way Into the Apocalypse

I remarked to some dear friends, while watching this commercial last night at their apartment equipped with a TV (which I do not have), that my mind is completely incapable of wrapping itself around the concept of diversity. It is, like many other minds when left to their own behest, attracted to wholeness, security, and completeness. 

Anyways, notice the rather dysgenic nature of the "models". This is what passes as human these days, apparently. The one in yellow is particularly disturbing. What the hell is that thing? Which continent does it hail from? Does it matter? Is it gay? But notice the multiplicity of colors in - you guessed it, the shell of the item for consumption and the people that are presenting it as a product. Can you put two and two together, White man? The prevalence of 'almost-Whites' is the most dire concern, e.g., in purple, black, orange, light purple, and grey. So is the only example of two people wearing the same color: that's right, a black male and a White female. Also, notice how this commercial is presented as just so puerile and carefree.

And these are the skinny, effeminate, childlike, polychromatic faggots that are going to be defending this country against the homogenous east?


  1. I am really enjoying your site. However, I fail to see ads like this as being insidiously anti-White, so much as the anti-White sentiment as being a bi-product of their marketing scheme. Basically, it's all about money. These people don't want to alienate any potential consumers, so they make their "models" as ambiguous as possible. How well do you think that stuff would sell if they used a bunch of Aryan Supermen as their models? Of course, I'd probably run right out an buy one.......

  2. Of course. That's the inherent question of this site.

    Is it a program, or is it just reality?

    Either way, it's interesting to document. Money or motive?

    Perhaps I should make a subject tag just for that.

  3. Or are they trying to "diversify" us all through the process of mulatto-ization so that we're just easier consumers? That's a question I hope to address as time goes on.

  4. Basically, it's all about money.

    No. No offense, but you don't understand jews, communists, or other anti-whites and their motives. The foremost goal here is propaganda, the money is secondary.

    Jews hate white skinned goyim and want us to go extinct. For those few of us who understand this state of affairs, the feeling is mutual.

  5. This is pure hatred. How dare you invalidate human life in any capacity. God loves everyone he created. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  6. How dare I? Maybe you fail to understand the fate that the West is in for because of people like you, people that worship diversity over survival of entire group of people. That seems you have a dehumanizing tolerance for genocide, my friend. I suppose you have no problem championing the influx of non-Whites into previous White countries thus rendering them a slim minority.

    I also recognize how easy it can be to be envious of Whites. So you are forgiven.

  7. Haha. You are delusional.

    When was the United States ever truly a "white country" (the influx started with the slave trade and exploded during the middle of the 19th century)? And what you are addressing on this blog is far from genocide. There's nothing wrong with maintaining and encouraging the celebration or white culture and heritage...but what you are doing is maintaining and encouraging racism.

    Stop being a fear monger.

    And I worship Jesus Christ, not diversity.

    1. Racism is a social construct by the Jews.

  8. Reading some of these comments, the picture gets clearer and clearer.

    Then there is the occasional anti-racist commenter who just doesn't get it.

    I love the way that people who are too stupid to realize they are stupid write. It is profoundly amusing.