Monday, October 19, 2009

Volkswagen Pushes Notorious Mixed-Race Couple to Sell Cars

Boy, oh boy, look! What a cool and enviable lifestyle! They have a big old house, they drive fast, the wife is a supermodel, and the husband looks like he regularly takes a twelve gauge to the face to get high. Notice Seal in white vehicle and Klum in black. "I suppose," proclaimed Daniel, "that makes it less noticeable, right, Harvey?"


  1. You promote fear mongering. Racial pride can be great but don't dehumanize multiracial people. Read a history book and learn about how racial purity in its extreme form has contributed to humanity...or is that too "elitist" or "Marxist" for you?

  2. No the blog owner doesn't promote fear mongering. Race mixing does not work. It dumbs down the gene pool and creates a nation of kids who look like their half human/half something. The something I don't know.

    Klum with Seal, what a waste. Such a beautiful blond woman with a Congoid. Those kids look awful. I feel bad for the kids.