Friday, July 1, 2011

Snickers: Servile Whites Can't Spell, Black Superstars Can

Evolution suggests every creature will have strengths and weaknesses, depending on environment. What might allow a polar bear to thrive in the Arctic—its musculature, its white coloring—might weaken its long-term survival chances in the trees of tropical jungles, where brightly colored frogs do much better.

A polar bear might try to jump from limb to limb, and come crashing down to its death.

This is all to say that every creature is a specialist. Except white people. They aren’t good at anything, according to Snickers. They lack both the athleticism of the black man, as well as the genius spelling ability of the same athletic black man.

See, this old, tired, incompetent white man has tried to find some servile social function to fill in order to survive and feed his family for one more generation. He doesn’t ask for much. He doesn’t need spotlights and endorsements and screaming, adoring fans. That’s the black man’s gig.

But even in his servile, ground-crawling task, he fails. Why keep whites around when other species are so much more perfect, so much better at everything? Why not just genocide them?

If you need some kind of intellectual activity undertaken, why don’t you ask the massive black, athletic, powerful superstar? His opinion is golden. The white guy? Loser. Laugh at him.

Now off to buy our candy, serf.


  1. It seems that anti British racism is the in thing, these days!

  2. "It seems that anti British racism is the in thing, these days!"

    I was in London recently. Nowhere on earth have I seen culture more hostile to its own, native population. When will the Brits say "Enough is enough. We're tired of apologising for being white. We're tired of feeling guilty for having conquered the world."?

  3. Eh. I like Snickers bars. I sure hope there is some company around that doesn't hate white people. I can't boycott everything. I can do without Snickers though.