Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bud Light: White Male Nudity Is Gross. Naked White Women Are Appropriate Black Male Lust Objects.

This stuff is relentless. Here we are taught that white men should be ashamed of their naked bodies. The tough, stoic race that brought you Neil Armstrong, Admiral Byrd, Robert Peary, Lord Nelson, Erwin Rommel, and General Patton, to name a few representatives, has been reduced to a mass of doughy office dorks.

Oh, the phallic significance of the moment at :22.

Here the white male penis is seen as that which ruins and poisons things, especially for bored white women.

Of course the only legitimate sexually attractive body is that of a white woman (:50) who is objectified by (who else?) a black guy!

Other than that, its all just a white male dough fest. The narrative: white men are shamefully inept. White women are for black guys.

Thanks Bud Light. I'll be sure to remember this. Next time I grab a brew, it most certainly won't have your name on it.


  1. The sports media is extremely homoerotic and black worshiping. The white nerds who fill the sportsmedia(espn etc) talk about blacks in almost gay manner. This commercial doesn't surprise me.

  2. Do you have this one already?


  3. Jesus Christ it is so much worse than we thought:



    (For those of you who actually read the NEw York Times, that most sickening of NWO diversity-enforcement rags, we ask you to please contribute).

  4. This shit has been going on for years, i remeber as a little kid recongnizing stuff like this, and i was legitimately brainwashed until i took my first steps into society, thank god for my parents who raised me with morals, values, pride, culture, and loyalty, or else i would have never been able to shake off the veil the media puts on you. The family is the most crucial thing to our survival, and that is why we are doomed, white people cant afford to sustain a family anymore, and blacks get paid monthly for every baby they shit out.

    I dont get how you still do this stuff, websites, activism, it is all useless, we wont exist in 100 years and our beautiful culture and history will be defiled and destroyed by these savages

  5. Knowing that this is an important agenda item for those who wish destroy western civilization, we need to reflect on just how long this has been going on. I'm 50 and have seen it in play most of my life. I suspect since we don't protest they'll keep pouring it on until we are vanquished.

    But I'd just like to leave a simple message to the producers from myself, - one unit of this denegrated demographic;

    Take a look around and ask yourself who built most of what you luxuriate in? Nice going with desrtoying us and shame on us for letting it happen.

    Lot's of luck to the rest of you in the future.