Monday, July 11, 2011

Old Spice: Wimpy Whitey Gets Bit By Crabs; Black God Flies, Reclines With Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Old Spice is at it again with another ad devoted to devout blackworship. It already has FIVE MILLION hits on YouTube.

The new ad is heralded with a front-page YouTube banner that features a beautiful bikini-clad white woman surrounded by helpless, clueless white men.

One white wimp (the larger pink arrow) is being attacked by a swarm of crabs, while the other (the smaller arrow) is stuck on the mast of a marooned ship. Meanwhile, a smug, smiling black god emerges through the sands.


  1. Our culture is has long been not our own.

    Hijacked by queers with access to big int'l bankster cashola 2 make us a nation of pussies. It's done deliberately. "Blackworship" is all part of "the plan."

  2. So Blacks presence in commercials is now, "Black worship"? You all sound like a bunch of insecure bigots.

  3. If the stillframe image at the top of this article isn't a holy icon in the new religion of blackworship, I don't know what is. Whitey's insignificant and black guys are gods.

    And insecure? There is nothing insecure about seeing a problem with the world and speaking out. If there were, you'd be insecure too ss you are here, complaining.

    Besides the media blackworship will have negative real=world consequences for blacks as well as for whites. It'll lead them to think the world revolves around them. They'll be in for a rude awakening one day.

  4. So Blacks presence in commercials is now, "Black worship"? You all sound like a bunch of insecure bigots.

    You can illustrate your point with a commercial featuring ineffectual, stupid black men shamed by a white male.


  5. He's a sexy beast, don't be jelly. The man your lady wishes her man could smell like. In fact, you could smell like him. With Old Spice. The smell of freedom. And sexy beasts. But it can even be used by fat old pasty white dudes like me, or even you, but the difference between me and you is that you're a racist d-bag not fit to breathe the same air as the rest of us, and I'm not. Also, he's still a sexy beast. Checkmate mother f*ckers.

  6. And yeah, same commenter as above, again. Human f*cking race. Only one species. Get the hell over it, we're all the same, so if the media is using people with skin color for this and that, who the hell should even care? The answer is no one, quite frankly. You're stuck on an old idea that there's more than one race. That it matters who's the dog on top. Do the people in the media believe this as well, and want to somehow harm the invincible "white" man? Maybe, but you buy into it and play their game, or so it seems. This whole website is full of fools playing into this nonsense. It's all fake. There's one race, one species, and that's humanity. Act like one and use your pre-frontal cortex to eek out some logical thought and realize that.

  7. Yes anon there is only one race, of course.

    You keep pretending that if it makes you happy.

  8. @Anon July 14, 2011 10:51 AM "There's one race, one species, and that's humanity."

    You truly make me laugh. When the Hindus were driving the Muslims and the Brits out of the Indian subcontinent, would you have told them not to bother gaining independence because, hey, "we're all one species"? When the Palestinians try to eke a living in Gaza and fight against Israeli Jews, do you tell them: "Hey, don't worry about who's on top here, cause we're all one species"? When blacks and whites rose up against slavery in the 1860s were you like: "hey guys, don't worry about who is on top, or who is top dog or anything. Just sit back and enjoy being 'all one species'"? No. No. No. No. You did not, would not, will not. You only think we're all one species when whites are trying to advocate for their own rights and self-interest. When other groups do it, it's ok. You are nothing but an anti-white. You just need to admit this to yourself.

    "Act like one and use your pre-frontal cortex to eek out some logical thought and realize that."

    Don't try to pretend you know anything at all about neuroscience. You're just making yourself look really foolish. Besides, it's eke, you fool, not "eek." You say eek when you're scared. Like I just said when I witnessed your vocab skills.

    "Checkmate mother f*ckers."

    You have no skillzzz. Try again.