Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another Homily From The Church Of The Anti-Whites

Yea, verily I say that in that day the wolf and the lamb will live together; the leopard will lie down with the baby goat. The calf and the yearling will be safe with the lion. The baby will play patty-cake with the cobra. The white woman will lay down with the black man and roll around and down the hill towards green pastures.

And, yea verily, in the midst of those rich verdant pastures will be men of whiteness. And in their whiteness they will find themselves accursed like the demons of Beelzebub. And the white woman and the black man will be contrasted with them, for dramatic effect: unspeakable good versus unspeakable evil. All very Talmudic, yea verily. And yea, none of these white men will get to roll around with the aforesaid white woman, as that is the black man's gig. Yea verily.

And the people will rejoice knowing that black men and white women will copulate with lustful abandon, as each other's mutual savior, while the white men will dance like imps in the night, demonic, damned.


[Hat tip to an anonymous contributor.]


  1. the french: so. fucking. weird.

  2. At least it ends well.

  3. "At least it ends well."


  4. Technically, the commercial is correct. If you are a mudshark engaged in your vile recreation, your least concern is that members of your tribe will take retribution on you. More likely, you will contract HIV from the congoid, be disfigured by an acid attack committed by the same, or contract athrosclerosis as a result of your diet change to conform your figure to that of the Hottentot preferred by the congoid.

  5. Do you type with the same fingers you hug your children with?

  6. the french: so. fucking. weird.

    That's stupid. Do similar presentations, like the ones on this site, that are American represent Americans? The demographics of both countries are very similar.