Friday, July 8, 2011

Why Don't Blacks Like Parks?: It's Whitey's Fault!

Why can't ABC - the mainstream of the mainstream of American media - do a story on something nice like nature or national parks without making it yet another social engineering story on how we need to help black people?

As if we don't have enough to worry about in life, simply trying to survive in this economy, raising kids, trying to stay employed, doing chores, paying bills, trying to find meaning in the universe - without constantly having our noses rubbed in the next item in a list of worries surrounding blacks?

News editors at ABC, CNN, The New York Times, The LA Times, CBS, NBC, The Guardian, and MSNBC are all relentlessly driving these questions into our minds: Are there enough blacks in Ivy League engineering programs? We should all be concerned. Were there enough blacks in the U.S. Navy during World War Two? We should all be concerned. Are there enough black astronauts? We should all be concerned. Are there enough blacks in professional figure skating? We should all be concerned. Are there enough blacks at The University of California, Santa Barbara? We should all be concerned. Are there enough black bagel bakers? We should all be concerned. Are there enough black doubles tennis teams? We should all be concerned. Are there enough black oat farmers? We should all be concerned. Were there enough blacks in the 1893 World Fair? We should all be concerned. Are there enough blacks over there? We should all be concerned. Are there enough blacks surviving Lou Gehrig's Disease? We should all be concerned.

So it makes the NATIONAL NEWS that there are neither enough black park rangers nor enough black visitors of America's parks. The commentator at :18 makes it clear that this is something we should be concerned about, something we need to work to change. At the very least we should be concerned whether or not someone else, some noble-hearted soul, is making some decent headway on this pressing issue.

Of course then at 1:01 we find out WHY there are so few blacks in our national parks: it's WHITEY's FAULT. Now we get the real reason why this non-story has been produced and broadcast into millions of American households. More social engineering, more guilt for this nation's whites. You evil racist whitey.


  1. Urbanized blacks in Africa don't go hiking and camping in nature either. More Germans hike Kilimanjaro each year than do Kenyans themselves. Liberals just can't fathom that the races are simply different and are attracted to different things. Isn't it a good thing that there is this diversity? Or do we all have to act the same, too?

  2. Look at any public park in any predominantly black area and you'll see it is absolutely trashed. Anything that can be tagged with paint and markers will be covered. Anything that can be broken will be broken.

    Do we want that to extend to our premier national parks?

    If this park ranger gets his wish and blacks flood into Yosemite I'm sure he won't mind scrubbing all the graffiti and tags off every open surface and empty 40oz bottles that his people leave behind.

  3. Even for, the following comment might seem a little hard core:

    When you open up a pantry door in the night, and see a cockroach scurrying about your cans, what is your instinct?

    Is it shock and disgust? Is it to find the first thing you can use to squash that disgusting bug?

    Or, is your first reaction, upon seeing this insect invader sneaking among the food items that you feed your loved ones, is your first reaction to embrace this creature, and its diversity?

    Answer: obviously NO! Your first reaction is is figure out a way to stomp it to death.

    Obviously, you're not going to do it with your fist, that would be too disgusting.

    So more often than not, you'll look around, and seeing nothing club-like at hand, you'll take off your shoe, and hope that by the time you un-shoe yourself and get in the swatting position, said cockroach will not have scurried off.

    Then when you are against all hope able to swat the bug (nothing worse than getting outrun by a cockroach), in one last gesture of ghetto defiance it spews disgusting cockroach-juice throughout the inside of your cabinets.

    Gaaawd! You say! Why must we live with these creatures?!

    Negroes - poor negroes - are the same thing. They are truly the cockroaches of humanity. But unlike negroes, I can only feel so sorry for a cockroach I squash like a bug.

    I feel truly and honestly sorry for negroes - the true cockroaches of humanity - because though I wish I could squash them all like bugs, they are so beguilingly human-like, that to do so (squash them) would be to bring out some truly human feeling of remorse on my behalf.

    In conclusion: blacks are more like bugs than humans, but we humans are hard-wired to care for our own kind.

    Blacks are semi-human.

    Therefore... holy fuck it's complicated !!

    All I can say is: great site, newswabian. You know where that compliment is coming from.

    Keep it humanoid!

    And for a good read, check out Raptor Man's Coontacts (thousands of em').

    What. Are. We. Gonna. Do. ...Bout this fucking negroid problem?



  4. ABC - formerly American Broadcasting Company,

    currently A Bunch of Communists.

  5. I agree with this statement by 1st Anonymous, "Urbanized blacks in Africa don't go hiking and camping in nature either. More Germans hike Kilimanjaro each year than do Kenyans themselves".

    Its not the Black's life style, I guess. Some will say, it goes back to the slavery time, Whites like to live in the woods, thats why Blacks don't like go hiking & camping in the woods even to this day.

    We are Black family just came back from Yellowstone. Don't see more than five Blacks there. Yellowstone is beautiful!

  6. Wow. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this steaming pile of ignorance. Evolve already!

  7. God, I shudder to consider what they'd do to any wildlife they encountered.

    Recall many years ago the Humane Society of Florida had a case against the large immigrant Cubans/Haitians practicing their disgusting hoodoo/voodoo Santerian public animal sacrifices go all the way to the Supreme Court (which just got me to thinking I need to research who provided the funding for these desirable immigrants' lawsuit) and damned if the radical Supreme Court didn't weigh in in THEIR favor and found that we must adapt to the new, multicultural values imposed by these wonderful national treasures. So now of course even our poor animals must suffer from this invasion of people so hostile to the idea of humane treatment of animals that they now want any criticism of said practices to be branded as "hate speech."

    I was involved in animal protection causes for years until it dawned on me that immigration and Blacks were the bigger problem, and if we were to ever get a handle on animal abuse, the Jews' devastating "1965 Immigration Reform Act" had to be itself reformed. Ever noticed that outside of the rare cases of animal abusers who are invariably White (the "animal hoarders" which is a known OCD disorder), profiled on the reality show "Animal Precinct," easily 99% of the perps on those episodes - no matter the city are "minorities - and overwhelmingly Blacks.

    And yet look at the depictions of all the commercials for animal products that feature wholesome, Black families as ideal animal lovers. It's sickening. That's why political correctness is so disconcerting and insidious. It's like spitting in your face because they KNOW we KNOW that it's a complete inversion of reality.

    Have you ever met a Black environmentalist? A Black animal rights activist? Never and you're not going to. Yet who was featured as "the Voice" on that breathtaking series "Blue Planet?" None other than Oprah Winfrey. Wealthy as she is (and yes, I know she has dogs), I'd bet good money she's never donated chump change to animal protection causes. I used to do volunteer work with a local Humane Society whereby I staffed and adopted out animals at a "Petsmart," and the rare times Blacks would come over to see the animals, I'd be privately hoping that they weren't there to "adopt" an animal because I feared the animal would be abused if not by them, then dey countless cousins, homies, and undisciplined brats.

    I have a Black, typical Queen Bee neighbor who I'm presuming has some AA college degree (owing to the Black Sorority sticker on her bumper) and I've surmised that like most AA middle-class Blacks works for our (owing to the frequency of how often she's home and knowledge of the shocking overhiring of Blacks at all levels of our government - see link) state Pickpocket in an overpaid position. Neither she nor any of the other Blacks that I'm unfortunate enough to have to live near recycle their garbage though the city makes it easy by providing wheeled bins.

    They are overwhelming unassimilable, hostile, wretched, and parasitic people, and I rue the day the Jewish slave traders brought them to our shores.

  8. You know what?

    Could it be there's an agenda to all this? I think yes.

    We have given the keys to the society to an ant-white male, anti-Judeo Christian, and pro-left community organizing movement.

    OK - You have it now, or... should I say ya axed for it and ya gots it man!

    Boy, we certainly are seeing the fruits of that shift now.

  9. Well...maybe they don't have time to vacation. They gotta work to make up for all that time and money lost (literally) building this nation to the benefit of their white captors who chased and enslaved the natives off of this land that they call "our shores." You people are in serious denial. You come here to post anonymously because you don't have the gaul to voice your opinions in reality. LOL...get a black friend people...the ones featured on the news aren't real and hardly represent the vast majority. I'm a white college student and I thank God my parents had the common sense to expose me to a variety of people because they wanted the people in my environment to mirror what Heaven looks like. Some white people don't like national parks...some black people don't like national parks...PEOPLE should be seen as individuals...Expand your horizons and grow up.

  10. Dear Anonymous "college student",
    I am a college professor and I suggest that you get a real education somewhere. First of all, you should have written "gall" where you wrote "gaul", and you should have used a comma after "black friend" in your paragraph.
    But beyond the spelling and punctuation errors, you also demonstrate a complete lack of historical knowledge. Where did you get the idea that blacks built this nation? Did you take a black studies class and "learn" this nonsense? Maybe you have been taught that black people invented all kinds of technology and George Washington Carver was a great scientist. I suggest you that check the website and learn some real history. I suppose that you think that all white people had slaves and just sat around drinking mint juleps while poor blacks did all the work too? No, the majority of white people in America never owned slaves and worked hard to build this country while blacks picked cotton (very slowly). Did you ever wonder why the antebellum South was so poor with black slavery, while the free North (essentially black-free) was an industrial powerhouse and far, far wealthier than the South? Do you think that factories in the North were built or manned by dumb blacks?Or didn't you learn about these facts in your black studies class?
    What is most amusing is your idiotic assumption that your black "friends" are like most blacks. I suggest that you move into some neighborhood that is majority black and then come back and tell us about "real blacks". I hope that you are not a female; your chances of being raped by a negro would be quite high if you moved into such a neighborhood. Maybe you should investigate inter-racial crime statistics.
    It is YOU who needs an education and to grow up, you twerp!