Wednesday, July 27, 2011

US Department of Homeland Security: White Men Are The Enemy

When the likes of Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder were installed at Homeland Security and Justice, you knew this kind of Anti-White claptrap would soon be emanating from the highest levels of "our" government.

Suddenly, white men are the enemy. Meanwhile, blacks and women, working together, bring peace and security.

So if you have ever seen a terrorist in a black hood, crawling along the floor like a rat (3:14) you know it can only ever be a white man. And you know you can rely on a bipedal, flashlight wielding, eye of protective black male vigilance, to assure you and your children will sleep safe tonight.

And if you ever see terrorists climbing in and out of a suspicious-looking white rapist's van, you know these too will be both white and male (1:11). But do not worry, for surely there will be a suit-and-tie black guy to call the appropriate authorities to take care of these two embodiments of pure evil.

And if you ever see a terrorist wearing dark sunglasses and a dark baseball cap (2:26), you know they can only ever be some white guy that can only ever be stopped by a concerned, protective, Asian woman.

And if you ever see a white guy walking down a gangway holding a backpack (3:03), you know they will only ever be a terrorist. But fear not, populace, for concerned lesbians will protect you.

And if you ever see a hooded white guy wielding deadly objects like a pencil and a piece of paper (4:23) you know he'll be a terrorist. Remember, white guys are evil. But you can rely on a bescarved mulatto lesbian with bad acting chops to make sure this melanin-deficient, x-chromosome deficient creature doesn't blow up your train.

White Male America: Your own Department of "Homeland Security" has fixed its crosshairs on its enemy: It is YOU.

[Note: This has been edited down from the original 10 minute version. One "reenactment" was removed in which the race of the perp was difficult to determine. He was certainly male and likely Asian. However, only reenactments in which the race was unmistakable featured white male perps and usually minority "good guys." And I thought commies were all about being fair. Now we see they're just Anti-White.]


  1. Aren't you glad the media has been all over this blatant racism against Whites by our own government.
    Oh wait I haven't seen it on any news ( jews ) networks.
    The blacks and browns have forced themselves upon us with the help of ignorant and commie liberal Whites.
    What would the Founding Fathers say if they were here today ?

  2. More "blackworship" and "numinous negro" and "evil whitey" malarkey. When will they learn? If it weren't for us, humanity would still be living in caves. The world would look like Somalia and Bangladesh.

  3. Ha,ha.Homeland security just aint what it used to be back in the good old majority white days.

  4. Women and the black men are here to save us from all those wicked and angry white men. Nice. Very nice.

    Chile looking better all the time.

  5. Reporting suspicious activity should not be based on a person's race, religion or gender...

    Fucking hilarious!

    Its good job the makers of this film didnt fall into that trap when deciding who to finger as the most likely terrorists.

    Its like the old joke/experiment. When I tell you not to think of a banana, you cant help but think of a....banana.

    Thats the basic philosophy behind this propaganda (and so many other examples)> Yeah, sure, they've said not to discriminate but they set the tone with what you see.

  6. What do you expect with a frickin Jew as HEAD of Homeland Security ?

  7. All this terrorist bullshit is a Joke every thinking person in the real world know's that the American Government and Mossad Demolished the Twin Towers and to try to pass the blame onto Guess who? "old whitey" its shows how these deceitful Zionist bastards are just trying to start a race war in the USA and all the other western countries.
    This advert is so lame it was a joke to watch but I suppose the blacks will use it to report any "whitey" they don't like the look of and no doubt The trigger happy dumb shit institutions will over react and use it as a reason to burst into innocent peoples homes and shoot them and their pets dead.

  8. Also notice the supposedly white muslim woman at 2:23 called Jihad Jane with blond hair and blue eyes. How ridiculous is that?