Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sprite: Sacrifice Yourself To Racial Blending

Another sortie launched by the New World Order in the guise of a Sprite commercial.

The whimsical first impression here hides more insidious implications.

Sprite gets the viewer's attention by showing a gritty urban setting in which gangs of various races look threateningly at each other. Our eons-old instincts of tribal conflicts and tribal affiliations are brought to the fore. We perk up our eyes and ears. We take note.

Now that the couch potato is paying attention, the real programming begins.

Wouldn't it be "fun," Sprite suggests, if all races could just mix themselves out of existence? Wouldn't it be cool if we could just shelve our instincts for self-preservation, and just, you know, blend?

That would be so fun. So refreshing. Then we could turn this ingroup/outgroup hostile tension into splashing, intermixing effervescence. Then we bottle it, sell it.

Of course the white girl at :29 jumps into a multifarious soup of men, most of whom are black, especially those nearest to her :31.

Who wouldn't want to suicide themselves this way? They make it all look so fun.

Boycott: Sprite


  1. Gangs? LOL. These are just your typical American youth. Do you always assume any white girl within 5000000000 mile range of a Black man is race-mixing with him? Get help.

  2. gangs=groups=clusters. when you look at the people at the beginning, do you not see mixed-raced gangs? i do.

    this commercial is about "mixing" in the most literal sense. so, yes. here she is mixing with black men.

    get help? you're the one always trolling around a website you so obviously don't like.

  3. LOL = Leftists Olways Looting
    Liberal Ordinarily Lie

    I could make up those all day.

    Modern race-mixing is not a product of the races being free and equal. The relatively small number of white women who mix with black men are not doing so under conditions of equality. Black men have a long list of privileges ranging from affirmative action, to police being reluctant to arrest them, prosecutors being reluctant to prosecute them, being able to form black-only clubs and join mostly-white clubs, pro-black anti-white journalists covering up black-perpetrated violence, armed governments extracting money from productive whites & Asians to spend to raise children black men won't raise themselves, etc.

    Rare though it may be, there would be less race-mixing without government guns facilitating it.

  4. Sprite has been a pioneer in white averse advertising ever since launching their hip hop "obey your thirst" ad campaign in the 1990's that had zero appeal to any whites other than wiggers.

  5. Good for her! I say we all procreate with everyone until everyone is so many different colors we don't know what "race" even means anymore when applied to a species. Here's a tip, in any other species they call them "breeds" so think about that. I don't see the german shepherd getting all upset because that labrador is getting all the attention. And who knows, maybe they're f*ck and pop out a mutt later, and not one of them knows what the hell race is. THey're all just dogs. And we're all just humans. You dumb f*cks.

  6. Yeah anon, you think it's pretty great when white women get gang-raped and "pop out a mutt". Thanks!

    You disgust me.