Monday, December 20, 2010

University Homepage Edition

I was minding my own business today, scrolling through a random sampling of university homepages, when a common theme began to emerge: they were setting off my Anti-White Media alarm.

It is as if you can't show a white male on your university's homepage anymore. Apparently that would be, like, so totally racist.

Blacks, on the other hand, will often be prominently placed, even at schools that have low black enrolment.

And if there is some kind of African Studies or Black or Hispanic Literature program at the school, that will of course be worn as a badge of self-righteous honor.

And for the most part, if you DO show a white person, and heaven forbid a white male, they need to be actively engaged in helping out struggling Africans (whether they're in Queens or KwaZulu-Natal) or Bangladeshis or Amerindians - anyone of a noticeably darker hue.

This, by the way, is how whites EARN their spot on the university's homepage. They can't just get there by pursuing their own self-interest. All that really matters about them is how low they bow to the holier-than-thou globalist neoliberal multi-cult.

While it might be argued that this homepage trend actually depicts Anti-Black or Anti-Brown Media, in that it shows blacks and browns as always in need of white help (kind of degrading, but kind of true), I am looking at it from a strictly AWM perspective: In this media, a white guy is only useful or valued insofar as he is helping browns. On his own, he is nothing.

So...if you attend one of these schools, or you are thinking of attending, or you work there, you might want to point out any such anomalies to their PR department or their president, via email or otherwise - just to, you know, spread awareness.


  1. Another fantastic, bitingly perspicacious post from AWM. I went to have a look-see at my alma mater, Tulane University in New Orleans, and sure enough, I found this :

    Thought-provoking. What is going on?

    Or as others have said: Let me out of here. I can't take it anymore.

    In other news, the New York Times seems to have beat their own record for the number of biased articles published today, each of which indefatigably pushes their anti-Western, pro-gay, pro-black, pro-brown, anti-Christian, anti-conservative agenda.

  2. My god, you people REALLY need a social life. I mean, goodness, are you really that bored and lifeless that you have to sit around making up silly conspiracies all day that nobody cares about?

    That's quite sad.

  3. Thanks, crimes. I will look into it. And I'll be in touch with you soon about contributing!

  4. "My god, you people REALLY need a social life. I mean, goodness, are you really that bored..."

    And you are on here complaining about us complaining. Now who needs a social life?

    BTW, posting a vid or pics here takes about 15 minutes on average, leaving me plenty of time for an amazing social life. But thanks for your concern.

    And I think this site has been getting enough hits for me to safely reject your conclusion that nobody cares about this stuff.

  5. Sheeeesh! This is real skinhead hate stuff, only in the form of psuedo-intellectualism written by passive-aggressive creeps. At least skinheads are up front. Racism pure and simple. Some guy who I thought had a brain sent me a link to this site. I gotta take a shower...