Wednesday, December 29, 2010

DOWN with seven UP week. #5

"Like shooting fish in a barrel." says the cool black guy after publically humiliating a white.

On the figurative level, this expression means that the white guy is easily duped, that he is simply too dim-witted to avoid being outsmarted by the black genius.

On the more literal level, he is calling the white guy an inhuman or subhuman species, a worthless non-mammal who deserves to get exterminated en mass at close range.

7up: Suggestively selling white genocide since the 1990s. That's right.


  1. YouTube - Super Slow Mo Slap In The Face - Digg Reel -

  2. tanstaafl,

    thanks for your suggestion. looks like we think alike, :) since this one was already posted last month:

    OF COURSE they had to make the guy getting slapped fat and white, and the guy doing the slapping smiling and black. What casting director would DARE to diverge from the new holy scripture?

    keep on the lookout.

  3. "OF COURSE they had to make the guy getting slapped fat and white"

    So can I take this as official acknowledgement at last that the media is anti-Fat? Will this blog henceforth be dedicated to documenting all anti-Fat, pro-size-mixing propaganda that appears in our daily lives? Will it document how the elites and Marxists in charge are attempting to destroy the sanctity of Fat families, the power of Fat intelligence and creativity, the strength and will of Fat men, the beauty and gentility of Fat women, the innate morality of the Weight, and the future of Fat children?

  4. Fatness is regarded as a negative.

    However there are not fat tribes, fat races, fat nationsY. Historians, biographers and geneologists do not study fatness. Thin people have fat relatives. My fat cousin is my kin. He doesnt suddenly become more closely re;ated to some fat black woman just because they are both fat.

    Your point is?

    Obviously you haven't got a point, you are just muddying the waters. Trolling in fact.