Sunday, December 26, 2010

DOWN with seven UP week. #2

For our next instalment in DOWN with seven UP week, we give you more violence towards whites, courtesy of Young & Rubicam ad agency, which is ultimately run by the tribalist Sir Martin Sorrell.

Note the white surfer at :11. Does this look like your average surfer physique to you? Maybe a channel surfer / donut eater. This white guy is not only fat and bald, but seems to have the brain of a 5 year old: "Hey Cool!" he says upon seeing the shiny green vending machine.

For his whiteness, he gets pummelled in the gut by a metal projectile. We are supposed to laugh. He's white, so we don't have to feel bad that the black guy has put him in harm's way.

Watch him crawl in humiliation at :29 while the smooth black know-it-all only jokes about his peril.

We have been taught our whole lives to be sensitive to "others," as a recent commeter has noted. The double standard here is quite glaring:

7up mocks the white, exalts the black. Let us, in turn, boycott the green.

Boycott: 7up

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