Friday, December 17, 2010

Anti-White Media Targets Babies

Two Newsweek Covers. Two ideas, starkly contrasting, about two different babies, one black and one white.

The editors ask if the white baby is racist, subliminally putting forth the idea that the poor child is in fact racist. In today's society, branding someone as racist is like calling them a heretic or a witch or a devil or pure evil. In other words, there is something inherently evil about this baby. Why? Because it's white.

And then you have the black child. Streaming tears fall down its cheek eliciting sympathy. The editors do not subtly condemn it like they did the white child. No. Black children are pure, innocent, and righteous. On the cover with the black baby, it is still whites who are condemned. The headlines talk about "Poverty" and "Race" and "National Shame," implying that black poverty is white people's fault, and we should all be ashamed.

Blacks lauded in a sacred victimology. Whites tainted in a neo-demonology.

Looks like whites can't cut a break in today's media environment, even in infancy. On the one hand we're racist, and on the other hand...we're racist. Methinks someone at Newsweek is engaged in some serious Anti-White media.

Boycott: Newsweek and Time (they're all the same, really. Instant brain-rot)


  1. Jonathan Alter, who wrote the newsweek article about Katrina, is an archbishop in the Holocaustianity cult.

    He's on the board of directors of Blue Card, which promotes major Holohoax's money-redistribution mechanisms.

    Spread that white guilt syndrome! Collect tithes from the easily duped! Funnel the shekels into expanding the victimology temples.

    That's his bag.

  2. I have been laughing at the crudeness of their propaganda for years but have never seen a site like this. Thanks for aggregating this garbage. Since I don't watch Talmudvision I can see I've missed many a good laugh.

  3. You're taking the covers to be blanket statements about race and totally disregarding the articles.

    The "white" baby is shown on the cover that asks "is your baby racist" because a non-white babies cannot be racist--they lack the power to be racists. Of course, they can be prejudiced, but not "racists". To be racist, you have to be in a position of power to adversely affect another group of people's ability to advance or get equal treatment based on race alone. Non-white people are just not in a position to do this. Whites, however, can prevent others from living in certain areas, obtaining certain jobs, etc.

    As for the second cover, the "national shame" is the way blacks were treated with no sympathy during the KATRINA TRAGEDY, it's not a commentary on economic disparity between races in general! The cover is trying to make people feel sympathetic after the fact BECAUSE there was little sympathy during the tragedy.

    1. Wrong!!!
      I went to a 'mostly' black school here in the united states. It was part of Jimmy Carters busing plan in Baltimore and Seattle. I lived in Seattle at the time. The white students were mugged, robbed, bullied, beat up and raped. What did the liberal media do about it? Nothing!! They swept it under he carpet. All the administrators at the school were black as well. Let me tell you in any kind of altercation it was whitey's fault.... no matter what. I have run into a lot of racist black people in my time and to say they cannot be racist is absurd.

  4. @ Anonymous September 28, 2012 10:31 AM

    Definition of RACISM

    1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

    2: racial prejudice or discrimination

    Firstly couldn't agree more with (1)

    Secondly nope, no mention of a prerequisite requirement of a "position of power to adversely affect another group of people's ability to advance or get equal treatment based on race alone".

    I also checked the big Oxford print edition on my shelf and again same thing. Racism, it would seem, as a pure concept is independent of one's "position" or ability to "affect another group of people's ability to advance"

    I think we might be using different dictionaries, perhaps your dictionary is the Thalmud or the Concise New Liberal Media Dictionary (Down with Whitey Edition).

  5. For years I have seen Europeans with lighter skin were insulted, discriminated , made look like freaks by other Europeans.

    There was an obsession to be darker.

    Now that our society is a very messy, our economy is a disaster now we are heading to the third world,

    Is it now when this is denounces?.

    First they created the ideal medium for this to happen and now complain about our terrible social situation.