Saturday, December 25, 2010

DOWN with seven UP week. #1

In the red-and-green spirit of the holiday season, we turn our attention to 7up.

7up was a pioneer of Anti-White Media. In the 90s it set the trend that we have seen take over the commercial landscape ever since, that of the know-it-all black guy contrasted with the pathetic and ineffectual white.

We owe it all to you, the ultimate assholes at 7up.

In Issue 1, we have ultimate-black-asshole Orlando Jones actually physically harming a minor. But it's OK; the kid is white. So we can just laugh it off!

Who is responsible for this sad state of affairs in which kids can be harmed by adults as a kind of public spectacle, as entertainment, for the profit of massive corporations?

Who created this social environment, toxic to the mind, the soul, and the teeth? You might ask a member of our favorite tribe, the beautiful and charming Irene Rosenfeld.

Stay tuned for the next seven days, for "DOWN with seven UP" week.