Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dumb Blonde, Smart Black

More Bizarro-world propaganda:

That's right. Blonde South-African women are big-boobed, air-headed, bimbo-whores.

Humiliate her at :23

Look scornfully upon her through righteous black eyes: :25

BTW, on a TOTALLY UNREALTED note: In South Africa, it's ok to rape and kill dumb white women, apparently. You won't hear a peep from the mainstream media in the west.


  1. i think some black women are pretty dumb and only think with their loud almighty mouths in the customer service department.wont mention that in an advert.stop holding up the queue you black bitches

  2. no. blacks in ads must always be perfect. i think they learn that in marketing class.


  3. This is a perfect video, thanks so much for showing us this blond woman because she has big and beautiful boobs, I want to grab her strongly because she makes me loose the control.

  4. All niggers are trash. AIDS is working its magic, but they reproduce so fast that even a fatal disease may not do the job.

  5. It was a funny commercial and they both were cute