Thursday, November 25, 2010

state-funded white genocide

White tax dollars at work:
SVT- State-funded Swedish Tel-aviv vision.


  1. Hopefully when the Swedes do finally wake up. They'll remember Mr. Blun Der Hoff there and ship his ass off to Zimbabwe were he can do all the race mixing he wants.

  2. This site is pretty good. I've noticed anti-white bias and negro-worship in the media since I was a teenager and it's very irritating. Thing is though I'm Jewish and I resent you trying to pin this on Jews. In case you never noticed Jewish people are white to everyone but neo-nazis. In what way do I benefit from the TV making white people look stupid and blacks look great-cool-awesome-confident? When I meet a female she sees me as white and if she has been brought up to believe whites are weak then she will be viewing me as weak too. Jewish females identify as white and are targeted by this type of brainwashing as well.

    The fact is this bizarre view of race started with white gentiles. You have many Jews brainwashed into this garbage too but this is mostly non-jews putting out this type of crap. The fact you found a few Jews doing this stuff is meaningless, only proves Jews are a group of white people just as brainwashed about race nowadays as non-jewish white people.

    I think your site would be better off without the Jew conspiracy stuff because it makes you look nuts and detracts from the main point. And aside from that you have a very reasonable point about the media.

    The holocaust was real. Jews are the least of white gentile's problems, with brown skinned people demographically invading Europe and the US. Getting rid of Jews won't solve any of these problems. White nationalists are stuck in the past worrying about Jews because some lunatic 70 years ago didn't like us in Europe. White nationalism would even be a legit respectable movement if they weren't obsessed with Jewish people. Get with the times. Most Jews are assimilated and intermarrying white gentiles anyway. The older immigrant generations of Jews are giving way to fully assimilated Jews who identify as white and don't even raise their kids as Jews. Non-whites hate Jews as much if not more than white gentiles. The number of Jews in the world is declining while brown skinned populations are exploding and invading. Wake up buddy.

  3. Dear Joey,

    Thanks for your comment. You might not personally benefit from making blacks look so good relative to whites. And you are probably a decent person, I suspect. But just for your information: the reason white nationalists always go on about the jews is because certain high-placed jews have been quite destructive to white society for the last hundred years or so.

    We do not pin all the blame on all jews, of course. Sure, a lot of these media conglomerates that put out anti-white ads are actually headed by whites, the old anglo elite. They get our scorn as well. But jews have long pushed their agenda of anti-white media and they benefit by breaking up white hegemony, white families, white social structures. And the power lost by whites is a gain for jews.

    Franz Boaz (a jew) spearheaded the idea 20th century noble savage, that white civilization was corrupt and that the "natives had it right all along." Freud (obviously also a jew) pathologized mainstream sexuality, called it repression, and ushered in the 60s. Much of the degeneracy you see celebrated in the last few videos on this site can be traced to the 60s Freudian values. Jews have been at the forefront of changing the US immigration laws, basically allowing more non-whites into the US. NAACP, JINSA, AIPAC, SPLC, ADL-- so many of these organizations by jews are openly hostile to whites and especially white nationalism. So...while you might classify yourself as white and feel the same disgust at anti-white media, you still need to know that many of your fellow jews, the elite jews in positions of power, have made the culture that so disgusts you. If you can convince them to stop you'd certainly have our thanks.

    Also, as a jew, you might ask yourself this: Why is it that the jews get their homeland in Israel, whose borders they strictly control, and yet every time a European wants to control their national borders or stop the huge influx of third worlders into their nations, they get labelled "nazis" who want to "killsixmillionjews"? Why the double standard?

    The jews always say "But we were in Palestine 4,000 years ago. We deserve to have a homeland there now." Well, Europeans have been in Europe for at least 10 times that duration. Why can't that be justification for Euros protecting Euro borders, for keeping non-Euros out?

    Just wondering.

  4. Ikea race mixing ad - White male/nigger female sex

    Sears race mixing ad - Nigger male kisses White female


    There is no way you can know that much about ANTI-WHITE MEDIA and ANTI-WHITE IMMIGRATION without knowing the JEWISH ROLE!

    Keep an eye on this lying TALMUDIC JEW! Notice jews always seem to find ANTI-JEW websites?

    I have run into THESE JEWS on other ANTI-JEW websites. THEY ALWAYS MINIMIZE the ROLE OF THE JEW and put HIGHER SHARE OF THE BLAME on non-jews. In this case THIS JEW BLAMES the victims, ie WHITES!

  6. I know what you mean. I agree. It’s phony. And as such, nauseating. What you describe is so well known, that it has a name. It’s called “The Magic Negro” syndrome. And it effects many of Hollywood’s liberal elites. These are the ones who love to portray every black male as handsome, friendly, honest, moral, brave, and highly intelligent; endowed with deep wisdom that he uses to save and redeem the white man, who they love to portray as ugly, wimpish, dumb, cowardly, weak, and helpless.

    Here is a cartoon that illustrates the “Magic Negro”:

    Here is another term for it, described by Jonah Goldberg in National Review:

    “The Numinous Negro”

    “Last August, the incomparable Richard Brookhiser (okay, he’s comparable, but only to really talented and impressive people) wrote a wonderful essay for National Review entitled “The Numinous Negro: His importance in our lives; why he is fading.” Brookhiser described the pervasive habit in American culture, high and low, of portraying blacks as “numinous.” Numinous is defined in the dictionary as “of or pertaining to a numen,” the Roman word for “the presiding divinity … of a place.” It also means “spiritually elevated.” Numinous Negroes are the cadres of blacks, real and imagined, that our culture chooses to put on a pedestal — to treat as if they are somehow more capable of seeing the important truths, spiritual and moral.

    Brookhiser uses the word Negro simply because we still used the word Negro when we first started painting blacks in numinous hues. The Numinous Negro can be seen “in the gooey prose of white liberals whenever a Negro appears,” writes Brookhiser, or in any of scores of movies, like ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ and ‘The Green Mile’.

    The most famous Numinous Negro was, of course, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose real gifts and real flaws have alike been enshrouded in a holy veil of secular divinity. Blacks themselves are active participants in this cultural project. For example, the Congressional Black Caucus frequently calls itself the “conscience of the Congress” — because, well, because they’re black. I myself have written about my habit of spotting the “anachronistic black man” in movies. These are black characters who, for Numinous reasons, are portrayed in ways which make no sense historically. My favorite recent example was the black galley cook in the WWII movie U-571 who not only bossed around all the white sailors (our armed forces were still decidedly segregated in WWII) but, when given the chance, turned out to be capable not only of driving a submarine, but of driving a German one. The all-time classic anachronistic-black-man movie, however, was 1978’s The Norseman, in which Deacon Jones (the black NFL Hall of Famer) plays one of the self-described “blonde warriors.” END OF ARTICLE EXCERPT

    Continue in next post...

  7. .....Continued from last post:

    These various forms of “magic” that guilt ridden Liberal elitists like to bestow on blacks, will never meet with any resistance from the black community. Because steeling History and a distortion of reality are part of the Afrocentrism that many embrace. So we get a rewrite of history. Historical revisionism, Liberal style.

    As was pointed out, with the movie ‘U-571’. Based on a true incident in WW2, where an all white team of elite Navy Commandos attacked and captured a German Submarine on the high seas. Liberal Hollywood decided they needed to put a black man where none ever existed. And so they created a “Magic Negro”, who was a mess-hall steward, who not only fought fiercely and took a leading role in hand-to-hand combat against the German crew, and bossed whites around, but despite the military being segregated, especially in the submarine service, which was considered a more elite branch; the black cook not only knew how to pilot a submarine, but a German submarine at that!

    The Liberal director and producers were so proud of their “black invention”, that they made sure he was in as many camera shots as possible.
    And it has worked exceedingly well for blacks.
    Most judges on television are now “black”. Most police chiefs on TV are now “black”. And rather than reflect society, as the media claims they do, we have watched reality and history become perverted. So much so, that in the television production of the Greek story of “Jason and the Argonauts”, two of the Greek Argonauts are black.

    In the TV production of “Pinocchio”, a story that takes place during pre-African-Colonization 19th Century Italian village, we have several black Italian villagers

    A televised “claymation” production of ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’ (of Christ’s Crucifixion), the top Roman General is a black man.

    In Ted Danson’s version of ‘Gulliver’s Travels’, he runs into a highly civilized and intelligent society of blacks, who never miss an opportunity of commenting how stupid that white man is.

    The “Magic Negro” is everywhere. You see him in many TV commercials, especially when it concerns high tech, Aircraft Design Engineers, Scientists, and in introducing new computer advancements, where a dumb goofy looking white guy sits confused and befuddled as the “Magic Negro” has to explain to him how the new technology works!

    Drug companies like to bring out the “Magic” by selling new wonder drugs with “black doctors” explaining their benefits to their appreciative “white patients”.

    In England they have even replaced the lead in ‘King Lear’ with a black man.

    And there’s the commercial which portrays King Arthur sitting at the Round Table with his Knights, one of which is black.

    Most blacks really love these types of phony exaggerations of black males for mass consumption to largely white audiences.

    As for me, I am still waiting for the “Magic Whitey”. You know, a few white Zulu warriors. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm X portrayed by white men. Or a white man who shows a confused, and rhythm-less black men how to play the Blues or dance. Really, it’s only fair.

    But if any of that were to happen you could rest assured that the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus , and endless black organizations and individuals would be outraged to the extreme.

  8. This is one of the most foul and horrific things I've born witness to! Good on you for drawing attention to it...terrible that it's allowed to happen though!


  9. "Also, as a jew, you might ask yourself this: Why is it that the jews get their homeland in Israel, whose borders they strictly control, and yet every time a European wants to control their national borders or stop the huge influx of third worlders into their nations, they get labelled "nazis" who want to "killsixmillionjews"? Why the double standard?"

    Precisely. So when will you racists shut up about controlling borders and instead concentrate on taking down the APARTHEID STATE OF ISRAEL?

    And no, the Holocaust was not real. If it were real, why would it need LAWS to enforce that it was real? The very existence of Holocaust denial laws proves that the Holocaust never happened.

    Between the lying Jews on one side and stubborn white Gentile racists on the other, are there any sane people around here?

  10. Why are Jews always promoting racial-breeding for whites (and they always present a neo-nazis in case you don't like the idea of xenophilia)?

    I mean, can't you mind your own business?

    Go interbreed with Muslims and Palestinians if you want to be the example to follow.

    Everyone go read Kevin Macdonald's books, he explains why Jewish activists are so obsessed with diversity, tolerance, multiculturalism, promotion of status inferiority for white groups.

  11. Whites in America are now viewed by the parvenu ruling class Jews as the primary threat to their power in this country. That is why they constantly attack, lie, denigrate, dismiss, falsify, ignore, corrupt, frame, discriminate against, ridicule, emasculate and attempt to dispossess us via their third world surrogates. They know they are a vastly inferior ruling class when compared to the old organic WASP elite that they recently displaced and that without constant deceptive propaganda their rule is unsustainable.

  12. jewish owned media,thats where the problems begin.self hating whites,there's anothere sector.liberals who are white who wish they were not and condeming everyone who dosnt agree with there opinions.these are the pervers of lies and hate.adl,splc,aclu and so forth.anti racism is code for anti white hatred1