Monday, November 8, 2010

Confederate White Skank

Nothing to see here. Move along. Just your typical Anti-White Media involving your typical morally depraved Confederate White Skank who must be saved physically and spiritually by a kind, misunderstood, paternalistic, black pastor.

She and her skanky, white ways aren't meant to be demeaning at all. No. Not when she is bound by a thick black chain near her tight white undies. This only keeps her from doing wrong. The chain isn't IN ITSELF wrong. Not at all. As long as she gets the moral redemption she needs from the black benefactor, she can go on with her life.

She's not there to be his personal sex toy. C'mon. You're racist for thinking so. He's her protector, you see. He's got only the highest spiritual intentions, just like every black person on earth. And all white women on earth need to be shrived of their inner Confederate White Skank, their Original White Sin.

Go on your way ye flocks, and spread this new gospel.


  1. Yes more jew , commie liberal crap.
    I remember when this movie came out. Did any Whites actually pay to see this tripe ?
    Other than some actual white crack whores and their pimps !

  2. Vile Jewish swill.