Friday, November 19, 2010

Virtual Miscegenation

Here's an ad for a company that tries to get you to submit photos of yourself and your "significant other" in order to see what your baby would look like.

Just in case you were wondering: He's black with blue eyes.

I think they're trying to not-so-subtly suggest something.


  1. You are clearly obsessed, paranoid and need medical attention. All you think about is Blacks. Whites will miscegenate with whoever they want and your corny little blog will not ever put a stop to it. Get over it.

  2. It is the jew media who is obsessed with the nigger male/White female combo, not us.

    By exposing this agenda that the jew media has we will cause Whites to think twice about mixing.

  3. yeah. i don't necessarily have a natural aversion to non-whites. i am just sick of the media using them as a weapon against my peace of mind. it is constant and blatant and obvious. if you can't see it you're either blind or not white yourself.

    end the joo leftist media social engineering scheme.

  4. This mixprop is telling teenage White girls that if they mate with a nigger then their offspring could have blue eyes.

    In real life it is impossible for a mulatto to have blue eyes.

    The jew media lies to White people.

    Sun Tzu said that all warfare is based on deception.

    Therefore the jews are waging war on Whites.

    That means we should defend ourselves and fight back.

    One way to do that is to boycott jew media.

    For example we should cancel our subscriptions to TV networks and get rid of the one eyed jew in the living room.

  5. Actually this baby is full black. There is a video on youtube about him because obviously it is really rare for two black parents to have a baby with blue eyes. But it is possible. My cousin is black and her boyfriend is black and they had a baby with grey eyes. It isn't impossible.

  6. It can only happen if the blacks have some White ancestry and the eyes will darken very soon after birth.

    They won't blue or grey when the baby is a toddler.

  7. "It is the jew media who is obsessed with the nigger male/White female combo, not us."

    I see no indication WHATSOEVER in this ad that the baby has specifically a black father and white mother. And as the other poster pointed out, the baby in fact has two black parents.

    It IS you who's so paranoid about interracial coupling that you see it even when it's not actually there in the ad. You just shot yourself in the foot, racist.

  8. Amazing how some people are able to deny the obvious: Jews have an ancient, deep-seated hatred of white Europeans for besting them at everything except organized crime. They are waging a demographic race war, inter alia, against all formerly white nation states in an attempt to eliminate (genocide) their top competitors. Once you understand this their vile popular 'culture' begins to make perfect sense.

  9. Vampire bats depend on not waking up the dumb animal they're sucking dry of blood. Jews are the same. If people wake up the Jews won't be able to suck them dry of money with the Federal Reserve and Goldman Sachs and won't be able to control their minds with Disney, ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN. Look at who is making all the ads where the stupid white man is incompetent and the strong, sexy black man is trustworthy. A same race couple might be the exception rather than the rule in advertisements.