Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Breed 'em Young

Seems a bit premature, but apparently in France they're teaching their kids of, say, five years old the importance of breastfeeding. This little child says: "When I am big, I am going to breastfeed my baby."

But that's not the only thing they're being taught.

Advertising professionals are also hard at work implanting little white girls with the idea that their babies should be, will be, must be black.

Sigh. Five, six - such an impressionable age.

Brainwashing. C'est tres

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  1. JUST ONE WORD>>>> SICK !!!!!!!!

  2. Amazing stuff. The anti-white, anti-Western Civilization, anti-Capitalist Left made sure that they infiltrated all parts of our society that has the greatest impact on the masses so as to distribute their propaganda. From the MSM, newspapers, magazines, to grade schools and Universities.

    I can't find a link or email for submissions, but here's one:


    The Left has that poor little white girl's future all planned out. Much to the joy of racist hypocrite black males everywhere.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion, Anon. I'll put it up soon.

  4. Huh ? The little girl is holding a human baby doll...Whats wrong with that ?

  5. No you you piece of shit, the little girl is not holding a HUMAN baby doll, the little girl is holding a little sprog terd niglet!

  6. Boycott Jewish media.