Saturday, November 20, 2010

Watch: No Limits

The new Galaxy Tab is perfectly sized for life on the go. With a 7" touchscreen, it's small enough to fit in your hand, yet big enough...TO WATCH YOUR GORGEOUS BLOND GIRLFRIEND IN THE ARMS OF A BLACK GUY.

White boy, you can watch, but only if you buy Samsung. It allows you to snoop in on the life you wish you still had. It gives you virtual, vicarious
access to (formerly actual) libidinal situations.

As the ad says: Life without limits. Don't limit the black man's access to your wimminz. Don't limit your girlfriend's access to the black guy. C'mon. Repeat after me: No limits.

Boycott: Samsung
Hat tip: An anonymous contributor.


  1. I just love how you put "Black men as sexy" as one of your labels as if its a bad thing. So its ok to show White men as sexy, but not Black men?

    You white men are just so insecure aren't you? You don't want white women to see us in a positive light. Please. White women sell out 50 Cent and Lil' Wayne concerts faster than the speed of light.

    White women LOVE Black males. Get over it. Even during the slave days, little blond haired Becky was peaking out her window to get a look at Jamal the slave boy, sweating, and working hard in the fields.

    The jealousy of white men gives me too much pleasure.

  2. You miss the point.

    Don't flatter yourself with the thought that this site is bemoaning that "black men are sexy." I'm sure some black men are seen as such by some women, and some are not. This is the case with all races. Some are sexy, some aren't. Asian girls like white guys and vice versa. Blah blah. Typical multiculti bullshit.

    The focus of this site is anti-white MEDIA. It shows how the MEDIA depicts whites as idiots and juxtaposes these images with the blacks-as-sexy meme. The problem we have with this does not stem from personal jealousies but from political realities. We simply argue that when largely anglo-jewish media conglomorates depict a humiliated deracinated white population (see nearly every post on this site), it promotes further humiliation and deracination, which promotes immigration, which promotes displacement and ultimately genocide. Thus we are fighting a cultural, idealogical and ultimately survivalist war by shedding light on a corrosive media meme.

    That's all, friend. Whether or not Becky lusts after this or that is not really what we're talking about here. So you can cease with your trivial little ego stroke.

  3. As (almost) always: a pretty blonde woman paired up with a black guy.

    Why is that?

  4. "anglo-jewish media"

    Samsung is South Korean.

    "As (almost) always: a pretty blonde woman paired up with a black guy.
    Why is that?"

    Because it looks good. Color contrasts (hair and skin) draw the eye. Drawing the eye is what ads are supposed to do. And since women usually have longer hair, they display blonde hair better than men, which is why the woman rather than the man is blonde. There, simple answer from someone who actually knows about advertizing basics.

  5. @Anonymous December 14, 2010 2:13 AM

    You don't know shit. Nothing in advertising is done for purely visual reasons. Rationalizations like yours are freshman art school bullshit, and would be laughed right out of a critique.

    Every move has to have meaning. It has to work towards the client's strategy.

    So again, I ask, why do they always pair a white woman with a black man?

  6. "It has to work towards the client's strategy."

    Exactly. The client wants to sell cameras. The way to sell cameras is to convince the buyer that the photos will look good. The way to convince the buyer that the photos will look good is to show a sharp image. Colour contrasts accentuate a sharp image. Simple.