Saturday, November 13, 2010

And All Asses Shall Smell The Same

The same. We are all the same. We smell the same. Especially if we spray this shit they're selling all over us. Then our natural scents, our natural pheromones, will be cloaked. Then what makes us uniquely us will be obliterated. Our scent will be replaced with a mass-produced, factory floor model—board certified, panel-approved.

They can sell us more of this shit, more of this spray, as long as they can get us to think that what makes us naturally us and uniquely us is good for nothing—except to be slathered over and forgotten forever. Don't give it a second thought.

Is this some kinda metaphor? Perhaps.

But as long as we can hide in mindless vacuity, and boundless promiscuity, it apparently won't be so bad. How can you have regrets if you don't have a conscience or the capacity for introspection? Once we are all dumbed-down and smell the same and have the same vacuous personalities, then we can go fuck each other mechanically and remind ourselves dogmatically how we are all one.

In the fleeting oneness of perfumed ass.

Otherwise forgotten. Food for worms.


  1. Here is another specimen of mixprop to put on your blog:

    It was created in 1969.

    The push for miscegenation in the media has been going on for a long time. Nowadays it's just more blatant and widespread.

  2. color me disgusted

  3. Another example:
    US Navy promotes race mixing

  4. One more thing.

    That melting pot song I posted is not just an isolated song that is long forgotten. Many other bands did covers of it. For example:

    Don't forget to point out that the term "melting pot" was coined by the jew Israel Zangwill who hypocritically was also a Zionist.
    Make sure to include a picture of him as well.

    created by a limp dicked jew

  6. Wow. I always say "Jewy" to describe tasteless crap but this was commercial was pure 100% double-distilled JEWY