Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another Commercial From Gap Shows Only Two White Girls When Whites Are Still 60% Of The Country

Inuring us to "diversity," which when translated from Jewtalk, means genocide of pure-bred Whites.


  1. I see no problem with this commercial at all; nobody is being shown in a negative light. Are you aware that many commercials are screened internationally? Therefore it makes little sense to match the racial makeup of the models to the exact demographics of your country.

  2. Anonumoud, your the only one here who makes sense!

    That is because you are AWARE of the FULLY KIKE CONSPIRACY unlike these dumb WHITE NATIONALISTS who are only partially aware!

    A million bucks says the White children in there are KHAZAR KIKES! I hate people who call KIKES liberals, zionists, or communists.

    Nothing is wrong with ANY of those idealogies. The problem is the TALMDUIC KIKES behind it! Every KIKE is SATANIC! There are no good kikes.

    Your neighbor kikes are ALL SAYANIMS who help MOSSAD kill Americans like on 911 when KIKES blamed muslims!

  3. To the commenter above me:

    Your Koran is based on the Talmud. The Islamic Salat practice of praying five times a day is borrowed from the Babylonian Talmud. Muslims originally prayed towards Jerusalem; there are seventh century mosques proving this. The Taqiyah is based on the Kippah. Islamic prayer rituals are based on Talmudic Jewish customs. The pilgrimage to the Hajj is based on the Jewish pilgrimage to Jerusalem, etc.

  4. Shema and Shahada (testimony) in prayers; Halacha and Shari'a (religious law) as well as fasting and charity, etc