Sunday, November 15, 2009

Builder and Crusher of Civilizations, White God-Man, Shown as Doughy and Faggoty, Slave to Woman

At least the woman is White, herself, though, so we'll look on the bright side.

Submitted by Walter.


  1. Yup the media always shows the white guy as "fat, weak. stupid" always as the fool... kind of a guy. Well I found this complete opposite in real life( 30 years working at a diverse University). They put the white man down because they can't compete with him.


  2. If every commercial that presents a white guy as anything less than a 'god-man' is considered anti-white, then you are going to be offended by a lot of commercials. Imagine if every race thought this way.

    I offer Johnny the following challenge: every time you post a supposed anti-white commercial in future, propose how you would remake the commercial without offending any race while keeping it equally effective at marketing whatever product it is trying to market.

    Otherwise, your anti-white allegations are making Jews' anti-Semite allegations look mild by comparison. You are behaving worse than a Jew.

  3. Anonymous - Johnny doesn't have to do anything. Stating the obvious is not hating, it's a fact.

    In fantasy we could have an all-white channel devoted to white people. We could have folks from VNN, Stormfront, Metzger, etc. How nice would that be?

    I'd have that channel on 24/7.

  4. Seeing men portrayed like this on TV is sickening and I see it all the time! There is more at stake than profit here. This kind of propaganda is slowly unraveling the very fabric of our society!

  5. I will attempt to refrain from using foul language. But I totally agree with this post. The emasculation of the American white male is one of the biggest lies, yet most powerful weapons used by the enemy. They are attempting to destroy our racial identity, plain and simple. If they turn the strong while man into a weak emo fag, while portraying to the impressionable white youth that this "sensitive" man is the ideal to live up to, then they will have much less of a fight on their hands. Add to that the fact that white women will pick the STRONG man, the manly man, simply by virtue of the way their hormones work. Enter the "strong black male." Its a multi-fronted war. We need to stop the bullshit, and teach the value of our forefathers to our children.

  6. What a fat tub of useless shit he was. He should just shoot himself now.