Monday, November 2, 2009

Red Haired, Blue Eyed Male Model Breaks Into Home Looking For Some White Pussy, Just Like in Real Life

Saved by square-jawed half-caste with iron will.

Because well spoken, charming, rugged, extremely handsome White men generally get pretty pissed off when a White girl doesn't give up some o' dat fine-ass pussy within thirty minutes of meeting her, right? Or was that black men? I dunno, man, those statistics are a little fuzzy sometimes. Shit!


  1. Broadview Security--the only commercials on TV that don't have a colored in them.

    Oh, wait...Credit Report dot com doesn't have any, either, because all negroes have perfect credit.

  2. All Negroes have perfect credit, ROTFLMAO.........good one.

    I have a real hard time with this commercial. Their racism is heir apparent. I've called them and left emails to this company.

    I've told them you're reverse racism is obvious and I'm not buying it. Stop it jerks.

  3. Its funny, when I go drive through a Ghetto [always a black area] the homes ALL have jail-like bars over all the doors and windows. Even the phone booths are imprisoned in bars so that the local negros cant steal it [sad but true].

    Yet most white areas are not like that and sre also clean. Of course whites commit crimes to, but to anyone living in reality and not fantasy land its obvious that negroes commit crimes way out of proportion to thier numbers. So much so that thier neighborhoods are mini-prisons with cages on everything to prevent theft.

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