Saturday, November 14, 2009

Diverse Crowd of Partiers Dances to Negro DJ Superhuman and Revels in Christmastime Racial Degeneracy

It's a Holiday extravaganza gone globalist nightmare, and it's all on your TV, 24/7.

Modern life, after all, is nothing but a party, as we drink and shimmy along into global homogeneity and meaningless existence, where purchasing corporate products defines our very being, even that of crackers.

Note proximity of dancing rare redhead to hideous, pockmarked and shoddily-clothed semi-negro in checkered hat. Also note the traditional Christmas greeting delivered in Spanish, whereby avoiding overt White-Christmas references as well as catering to the new-American spic crowd.


  1. I am Kurt Steiner,
    Your blog is great. I want to help while meeting other white men with enough guts and brains to put something together like you have. I dont want to just read I want to be a speaker writer who reinforces this effort.
    How can I help?
    Who do I talk too?
    I am not afraid of the afrosupremacist, the wigger or any other psychopath that is working to destroy the white race. As a motivated freedom fighter, I want to do anything necessary to subvert, humiliate, ridicule and ultimately destroy the black racist matrix of phoniness and lies.