Sunday, November 8, 2009

An Advertisement for Something...

With a free pairing of blonde tramp and bestial, thong-clad Jamaican "brudda." Thrown in, free of charge! Then, blonde housewife cheats on her doofy White husband with oversized steroid-infected wigger.


  1. This one is very blatant, they could have chosen a white Wrestler out of the 3 or 4 they had in this commerical to 'hook up wit dat whit gurl'. Instead they had the black guy do it.

  2. White "men" have become such weak faggots it's no wonder white women prefer non-white MEN.

    And white "women" have become such dykes that the few smart white MEN(like me) prefer black, asian, or hispanic WOMEN.

  3. Subfighter - I'll grant you that a lot of white men have been pussies. However the white male has been beaten down so much by the media and the government, it doesn't surprise me if more are.

    Go to a big government office. You see plenty of muds and dyke women. The muds and the women drive nice cars while the white men drive clunkers. That's by design. The Jews have systematically destroyed the white male so he HAS no money and has lost his way.

    Now for the white women dyke comment. Please. That's an excuse a lot of you white boys say to justify being a race traitor. In my circle of racially aware women none of us are dykes. Every single one of us cook, keep a clean house and love to sew and crochet. I myself am a gun nut and love to shoot at the range and use a compound bow.

    The reason (IMO) you date muds is that they have lower standards than white girls. i.e. White girls expect you to have a good job, have integrity and be honorable enough to want to marry them and have white babies. Mistreat a mud girl and she takes it, mistreat a white girl and you get dumped.

    See the issue with the mud women is that they always stick to their race. If it's their mud family or you, they're going to pick their family, especially Asians. Once the muds get Westernized (ie the Flips and the Vietnamese women) they dump your ass and you end up paying alimony AND child support while they're screwing another white boy.

    Most mud men are shit and white men are higher on the Darwinian totem pole. When I see a white man with a mud I give him the stink eye as we used to say in Hawaii.

    Men like you are a disgrace to the white race.

  4. "White girls stand up against degenerate White men. Mud women do not. That is why, in my experience, there is no shortage of Jewish men with mud women, especially here in NYC."

    And is there a shortage of Jewish men with white women?

    By your logic, I might as well claim that black women stand up against degenerate black men whereas white women do not.

    What I am tired of is how WNs attribute all white behaviour that they dislike to Jewish conspiracy, but attribute all black behaviour that they dislike to innate inferiority. Make up your mind: either both get to blame Jews, or neither.