Monday, November 2, 2009

Let a Nepali or Subcontinental Asiatic, an Arab / Near Easterner and a Mystery Meat with Dyed Hair Drive Your Drunken Blonde Aryan Girlfriend Home

While listening to the most advanced form of black music ever created in ten thousand years of existence. Bad parenting, here's to you.


  1. jew media in canada and the u.s. are now making White soldiers "not White" by heavy filtering with camera.

    the jew is at his best when White soldier is in cammo][brown] where is possible to turn a soldier into a Negroid or Mestizo.
    this is used heavily, since 99 percent if the soldiers being killed are White, and the troops carrying their caskets are too. this saves Aspar and Redstone time, in searching out a non-White to carry a casket

  2. Look at this sick picture of a white woman and a nignog creature:

  3. Oh Dear God - that's hideous. Race mixing creates a hybrid of humans who look inbred. I'm seeing a lot of white guys in California date the Asians. Most of these women look like a pie face, I'll never understand the attraction to these women.

    Then you have the fat white mudsharks dating the nigs. Good. One idiotic white out of the gene pool. Those type of whites are not worth talking to and should be shunned in public.

    And the elites have the gaul to make smart ass comments about people in the south? At least they're not race traitors.They may be uneducated but they mate within their own race.

    I think race traitors should be shunned and stared at while they're out in public.

  4. Nice of you to stop by, Janet. I was actually in a discussion about this on VNNforum, and I'll post what I wrote there, particularly when it comes to Asian mixes, which I think are by far very, very tragic, because both parties are convinced they are in "true love" when neither is aware of the psychological or physical consequences of their unnatural union. Of the half-Asians I know, either part is better off looking more like one, or the other. Those that are stuck in the middle generally are quite unattractive, and I feel bad for them, and a large number of them look like your average tan-skinned Hispanic mystery meat. Race mixers should honestly be tried for child abuse, and their children sequestered so that they can only be among their own kind.

    I think what bothers me almost as much are the really, really intelligent White men I see, really quiet, highly smart, well educated young White guys that marry these brown little shitskin southeast Asians and muddy gals. I work in academia and I'm pretty sure every young white fellow, professor or graduate student is living with or engaged to an oriental, most often the really shitty-colored ones, like brown and squat, just ugly. Cambodian, southern Chinese, Okinawan, southern Jap, Vietnamese and my personal less-favorite, the Philipinos, niggers of Asia. I mean, it's gotten so bad that I'm happy to see a White guy with one of those tall, really fair skinned Orientals of the Japanese / northern Chinese strain. At least that means they're trying, and not just settling with the first squat, shit-colored Asiatic that comes along and tries to get a piece of the last few remaining good genetics on earth. The case usually applies as such, the same with the white sub-races: the interbreeding between the high races of Europe and the high races of Asian produce the most pleasing looking offspring, whereas the least pleasing are say, the Sicilians and swarthy Greeks fucking little brown troll-like Hawaiians, or whatever.

    Off the top of my head, I can think of several instances of half-Asians, and 7/8 of them look terrible, just awful. One is half-southern-chink and looks like a Turk, really swarthy, and a huge asshole to boot; I thought he was white at first and still didn't like him, because he looked like a Turk or hairy Jew. Five are half-Japanese and range from deep brown to fair skin, with wholly black hair, bad acne, and short and larger posture, and varying degrees of facial hair, and thick eyebrows. I'd post their pictures but I actually respect all of them, because of their blood they're all nice and noble people, just very unattractive due to the selfishness of their parents. Other half-chinks you look at them and they just look like chinks, except not that chinky, and usually chubby. I know of another guy that is half-Italian and half-Vietnamese or something, and he is the biggest fucking Asian I've ever seen, just monumental. A terrible tragedy, really. I have a hard time looking the so-called "tough guys" that are their fathers and having any amount of respect for them as men.

    I know of one girl, a good friend of mine that is very racist, that's half Japanese, and she's actually quite beautiful, tall, slender and very light brown hair and milky, rosy skin. I'd hope that the ethnic cleansing squads would pass over her, but who knows what we'll do. But that's it. Her father is actually an upstanding, really fair-skinned guy who could've been one of those Japanese that had their own versions of ethnic cleansing in China and Taiwan and those other islands filled with shitskins. All the others look like fucking spics, and it's a tremendous loss losing men to oriental women. Just irreparable.

  5. Pale skin is beautiful. Everybody wants it. Especially nogs. So when the violent and aggressive noglems and the spicrams and the sandboys and gooks start lapping up the white wimmenz, I guess pussy white guys with 160 IQs start going after the next best thing. It's fucked up. None of this, NONE OF THIS, is healthy, and we owe it all to the Jewry. It's dysgenics, both physical and mental, and it is against god and nature to create such ugly and worthless people.

    Anybody that goes into a relationship or has ever gone into a relationship with the ulterior motive of sexual aggression, giving the finger to the white man/woman, or trying to pirate genetics should be exterminated.

    Before I became aware, I had this northern Indian chick chase me, asking me out multiple times, and I agreed (so don't ban me). But she was fair skinned, attractive, like the Bollywood types, and looked a lot like this one actress from over there. I was talking to this Indian foreign exchange student (again, I work in academia) and he said that a lot of Indian chicks do this just to look cool before settling down with an Indian bloke. And I'm white as fuck, more so than any other white guy I know that isn't Irish. I'm see through in winter time.

  6. Excellent blog Johnny. I found you I think on Incog's blog.

    Many years ago I went on an online dating site to meet a nice guy. (I'm a widow). OLD is full of muds and race mixers. When the muds would email me - I'd tell them politely, no, not interested. Then I'd get a 2nd email, why not?

    When I responded I was only interested in white males I got some serious hate mail. One even took my picture, posted it on Craig's List ad advertising me as a hooker. I got over 300 emails from some serious sick fucks.

    I was furious. I was so upset I couldn't sleep that night. I contacted CL and they immediately took it down.

    He did it again......CL gave me his IP address and I contacted his ISP. They ixnayed his internet access - dirty bastard. So I'll never try that mechanism again.

    I feel bad for the kids who are the by product of this race mixing. They usually turn out looking like shit, they really do. Your description of them above is highly accurate.

    I have a very fair complexion. I tan well in the summer since I surf but in the winter I'm all white. I have long blong hair (no extensions) and the muds love the blonds. The mexicans around here don't give a shit if you're married or not, they glare gawk and make noises, especially to the younger blond chickadees here in CA. (I'm an oldie but goodie).

  7. Muds going after beautiful white swedish women.

    Seduction on the streets of Stockholm

    "Swedish guys don't have the balls to do this ..."

    (take a look at some of the topics for 'Highlights' along the lower right hand side.)

  8. Thank you Janet. That pisses me off to no end. A mud evening deigning to set eyes on the godly Nordic women deserves death, nothing else, for he is knowlingly violating the inviolate, making ugly, through his ugly character and ugly, muddy appearance, white women. He should be shot. Any relationship based on the desire of sexual accomplishment, bragging rights, or the desire to breed oneself up is one that is based on the worst of human nature, and is immoral at its very core. And 99% of all interracial relationships are like this. And I certainly do feel bad for the products of these situations; they are ugly, and oftentimes confused, and oftentimes dumb, and lacking in the ability of the pure white to recreate the divine on earth through art, music and literature. They are dysgenic in nature. A mud or shitskin that goes into a relationship with a White with the intention to absorb the genetics is committing a crime equivalent to smashing a sculpture by Bernini, or vandalizing a palace, or slashing a Caravaggio. It is heretical and against Nature and against God, even against the laws of divine proportions as set forth by, say, Polyklitus, for a mixed race child is never proportionate.

    Of course, I am a Nazi esoteric, so I believe that pure whites are demigods, or even man-gods, because their appearances and their accomplishments far outweigh any other group so much so that their source must be divine or alien; however, because human nature is essentially ugly and not even the white man or woman can resist the animalism in his or her loins, race mixing does occur. Some esoterics toss around the idea that imperfection in White character comes from the original Aryans being cast down from heaven as fallen angels (hence 'Anglo' being so similar to 'Angels'), which could just as well translate into being a bunch of rejects from the Nordic extraterrestrials, who dumped them on earth with the muds just as Britain dumped her convincts on Australia. It's far fetched, yes, but considering the myriad apocalyptic literature that constantly speaks of angels, forces of good and beauty faced against forces of evil (re: Jews), man being created in the perfect image of God, and all these theories about aliens visiting earth and building pyramids when hardly a modern day Aztec can drive a pick-up truck three blocks without crashing, it is a theory with mystical pull to it.

    So what must be done? Eventually we shall all be bred out because Whites have lost touch with the concept of race as divine and shitskins are far more animalistic, selfish and aggressive. The idea of racial equality has only come about conveniently in a time when nothing is created and everything is consumed; therefore we are all equal consumers but our true abilities as creators of the things that matter are not tested. The things that matter are those built environs which we craft for ourselves so as to create heaven on earth, as opposed to the hell on earth Amerikwa is today, and is Sweden, Britain, and a slew of other countries. Racial purity will become a thing of the past, and it may very well be, already; I have no way of knowing if I have entirely European genes, and perhaps this is why I am not a better painter. There are cuckholds such as Jade Goody, degenerate niggress, that pranced about with a White phenotype but the character of a negro, and her children will be the same. I believe that the next movement akin to National Socialism will only take place upon the back of genetic manipulation and gene splicing such that shitskin genes can be removed and the original Aryan state can be returned to, the master of the world, the replicator of the divine not only in his and her physical appearance and blinding beauty, but in his works of hand, be they architecture, music, literature or fine art.

  9. Without god, man has no desire to perfect himself; Hitler's idea of the gods were Aryans in and of themselves, for Aryans were gods, creator of their own heaven on earth, as they aspired towards the ideal, and the ideal appears through Western philosophy as being that of Nature or that of god; e.g., the Platonic ideals. The original Aryans that came from whereever were just as beautiful and as artistic as the god-men that Hitler sought to revive, and vice versa, although I believe our base needs for procreation are what make us weak as a human race, and this is something I cannot factor into any of it.

    Without some sort of ideal, we have nothing to work towards as a race, both Aryan and human. We will be doomed to a life of promiscuity, violence, lust and animalism. It will be degeneracy of the planet, ending nowhere, and continuing for the sake of beastial continuance. But is it just human nature?

    Are these things inevitable, and should I just throw myself into the mix, the big pot of degeneracy that tells me to forget my paintings, to forget my convictions, to enter into promiscuity and miscegenation and fuck and drink and watch TV until my brains fall out and die? I don't know. I simply don't know. Perhaps the White man, too smart for his own good, is willing, subconsciously, himself out of existence, for he realizes his presence is a dead-end street, one that will lead nowhere but to offspring that too cannot fathom the difference between their duty to the divine and their slavery to their biological needs, for one is certainly easier to deal with where ugliness and mediocrity is everywhere and seemingly inexorable.

  10. The racially aware white man truly is all alone these days. There isn't a political party that represents his interests. We get no support from white women. They are so, so far gone. We really are alone and everything is so backwards.

    Johnny, IMO, things would be so different if white women would just pull their heads out of their asses and renounce leftism/feminism. Impossible, I know.

    I was just thinking about this tonight. I'm 35yrs old and I haven't come across ONE white woman in my life that ISN'T brainwashed by leftism/feminism. Not one that is wife/mother of my children material. All of them have been pro-miscegenation, anti-white male, pro-female (all races), pro-multiculturalism, liberal, etc.

    They're white, yet they support that which is anti-white. Asking them why they're suicidal and trying to use logic/reason to remove their anti-white brainwashing is impossible. It just drives me insane.

    Ever notice how white women have endless distractions that they use to deceive themselves into believing they're "busy".

    Eliminate the distractions white women, and start thinking! This is what you used to do!

    BTW, you write very well.

  11. Thank you!

    I sometimes wonder what the ultimate goal is. Once we have all liberated ourselves, have discovered sexual freedom, racial freedom, freedom from all tenets in the past, what then?
    Is there even any point in existence as a human being anymore? The liberals claim that humanism is the end goal, and equality. But what it aims for is degeneracy towards the animal, rather than the human. Who knows.

    It's all so bizarre to me that I can't even begin to comprehend the forces or the lack thereof that drive your average liberal.

  12. Because what makes humans explicitly human is their ability to transcend their animal instincts, rather that celebrate them, and the only way to do that is to create morals with or without God. Hitler and Nazism created secular morality in the form of the Total Man, both man and god in one being, the Aryan. But "humanism" and liberalism instead seek to remove god and to protect those that act amorally, which to normal people spells immorally. Feminism, male promiscuity, pornography, homosexuality, wanton abortion, miscegenation are practices that exist wholly under the guise of "humanism." But it certainly seems more animal to me.

  13. Johnny - great writing my white brother. You're smart as a whip.

    I wanted to speak to the anon's comments above about women under 35. I see it all the time. Yakking on the cell phone or texting while driving (illegal in California) but these women don't give a shit. I see this women walking around in the grocery store yapping on the cell phone. Who are they talking to? They're completely clueless. I talk to this one kid who works at a local grocery store. He said Janet, I see tons of good looking women who come in here that I'd like to approach and ask out. But they're always on the phone. Ladies, put the phone down.

    In my practice I'm busy during tax season. I cannot tell you how many times I've had to tell these women TO TURN THE FUCKING PHONE OFF!

    OK enough of my rant.......

    Anon is right. They've been brainwashed to think that it's cool or hip to race mix and to be fake lesbians (kinda of the girl gone wild sort of scenario).

    Most traditional white women who want kids are not online but either at work or at church. If you can get past their fundy mind set and slowly start talking to them about the Jews, it starts to sink in.

    I've always been racially aware but my Mom, Grandma and one elder Uncle were WN's. I didn't realize what it was then, now I do. But a lot of women in their 30's are latchkey kids who were raised by women who are now in their 60's who spoilt the shit out these gals and installed in them a feeling of white guilt.

    This is what I tell the young men in the movement who want to meet a nice WN to marry and have babies.

    You've got to be a confident Alpha Male. You got to ask the girl out, initiate phone calls and keep the momentum. That's if you're attracted to her.

    See guys, the muds are sometimes over confident as society is constantly bashing the white male. Really I think most white women don't want a nig fathering their child. White men (a lot have) have become extreme pussies. They don't ask women out and they're just lazy.

    Johnny and anon - I'm not saying this is you, but any White Males are who reading this blog, please listen to what I'm saying. It will help you.

    My blue-eyed blond nephew is 5'4" and small built. But he always has a g/f. I expect him to be married by the time he's in his 20's. He's confident, he likes himself and he takes pride in his appearance. He's a good kid, very charismatic and the women gravitate towards him.

    Just my thoughts gentlemen.

  14. Oh yes, of course.

    A lot of these gals that are infatuated with miscegenation and sleeping around and what not (I see the worst of everything here in NYC, and I can't imagine what it's like elsewhere in the country and the world, where extreme liberalism is pretty much the status quo) are the result of weak fathers. Many of these twat so-called "men" are products of the 60's and 70's. Too well educated, effeminate, and pussified by the first wave of Jewish feminism and liberal propaganda. Their daughters, of course, are the ones out race-mixing and acting like full-on degenerates. God help the man that allows his daughter to be pawed at and had by savages. This type of thing only happens in a culture of complacency and weakness, a culture that is begging to be consumed and destroyed, an Amerikwan culture.

    It's a pity, though, because many of the daughters, and sons, of these men are highly educated as well, and involved in the arts, and are exceptionally talented as well as gifted in the arts because, well, frankly, because they're White. And these are the most frequent perpetrators of vile and disgusting race-mixing. Girls that a White man 70 years ago would have died for: smart, sensitive, caring, artistic, yet they direct all their energy towards some shitskin from Bangladesh or Bhutan because they are just so horribly angry at White men, for some bizarre and unfathomable reason. They will write theses and treatises on the local culture in the Kathmandu out of some diabolical form of White guilt, unaware of their own impossible beauty, and wind up marrying some horny, greasy little 5'4" local turd from that city that feels like he won the lottery being able to screw a White woman, no matter what she looks like.

    I like to think there's a place in hell for people like this; people that forsake their own kind and that throw away their genetics, and are so weak as to be unable to see through the zeitgeist. Moreso for the ugly little bastards that actively pursue White women in some sort of genetic conquest. Indian men and blacks seem to be the worst offenders, and Asians seem to be doing so recently as well, though I suppos that may be a backlash against their women being vacuumed up by the worst that White men have to offer.

    It hurts me to see it, and it doesn't have to do with any sexual repression or jealousy on my part. It is like seeing a sister betray you, or having to stand by as your favorite, irreplaceable paintings are shit on. I have an acquaintance, an American fellow of Afghani heritage, that explicitly likes blondes and redheads. I tell him that there are not an unlimited amount of women of these qualities in the world. He simply does not care.

    Consumed and destroyed. I think that is the only way to our salvation.

    1. Aren't Afghans genetically Caucasian, they would simply carry on these traits.

  15. I have no problem being confident, I just can't find a woman that isn't a leftist/feminist. So, it simply isn't worth the effort because I'm not interested in putting up with their horrible behavior. Since 99.9% of women in the USA and western world are leftist/feminist it doesn't really matter if you're a confident alpha male if you're not interested in that type of woman. And, it's very difficult to remove the leftist/feminist infection from them. Once they get older and their biological clock starts going off, then they start looking for Mr. stable white guy provider, but why should he take on this burned-out woman who's screwed everything with a pulse during her most fertile years?

    One of the first questions I ask is whether or not they've had sex with a non-white. This simply opens up a shit storm of leftist/feminist argument and then it's time to say no thanks.

    Do I want to deal with the shit nigger music she listens to? Do I want to deal with her obsessive nigger worship? With her obsessive worshiping of Hollywood celebrities? Of all things multicultural? Her love of estrogen inducing pop music and culture? Her hate of white men? Her increasingly masculine mannerisms? Her thinking cheating is empowering and normal? Her total disinterest in femininity and motherhood? Her drug and alcohol abuse? Her STDs? Her toxic friends who are always, always more liberal than her? Her nude photos and her sex tape on the internet of her banging three niggers?

    This is your modern white woman these days.

    What choice do racially aware white men have?

    I also think lower races have sex on their minds all the time. Whereas racially aware white men elevate their thoughts and focus on intellectual interests ...

  16. Exactly. And the women that aren't like this run off with non-white men from foreign countries because they think that magically the muds from different continents are not materialistic and puerile and petty as Amerikwan men here. And this is just as immoral. Same goes with White men that do not buy into the materialistic, sports watching, nigger-worshipping Amerikwan existence; many of them settle for an Oriental or Indian woman, mostly because they meet these women in higher academics, or because these women will put up with their inadequacies as men, i.e., being soft-spoken, weak of will, self-conscious, effeminate, meek, politically-correct, and, most importantly, so lacking in moral character and conviction that they would betray their own genetics.

    Obviously, there are good White couples out there that believe in their race and their children, and this makes for the strongest love, one based upon their divine duty to their race. But most are not; most are, as you say, founded on the degenerate woman settling for a White man because she realizes that they treat them better than all the niggers, gooks and spics combined, or because the White man subconsciously thinks that blondes are the hottest without recognizing race as a contributing factor to their mates' appearance. Others are you general run-of-the-mill racists, the niggerball watching types that don't care much for spics or negroes and marry a white girl, but would just as soon marry an Oriental with an American accent. It's a sick, sick setup.

    Fuck Amerikwa. Fuck this country. It's a cesspool, and god forbid someone is born here who realizes what is it. He / She will be called a racist, or blowhard, or a myopic, elitis idealist jerk.

  17. I think what's happened is people are so stupid, in the West; even many WNs and skinheads seem to be lacking in everything but physical appearance and will to survive only as that: a physical entity. God only knows how this happened. The Orient seems to be the only place where intelligence, high performance, anti-liberalism and philosophy seems to thrive, now. Our smartest men and women naturally drift over there. When I watch a classical performance, and see an exceptionally talented woman playing violin, something always tells me that she is married to a gook. And I am generally right.

    Sometimes I feel like it's only a losing battle, and the East and the half-Easterners will be the ones to carry on. But then again, most of the half-gooks I know are degenerates, but some are not. This country consumes anyone, no matter who they are. The first generation Chinese and Indians that come here may seem quite alluring to White men, but within a generation their kids are as worthless as niggers.

    Where did we take a wrong turn, as a people? Where did things get so bad that Whites can't even imagine being with other Whites, and the ones that do wind up with other Whites don't think anything about it, and let their kids get consumed by the Amerikwan culture, uneducated, unproud, made stupid through television and high fructose corn syrup, aspartame and sports?

    Sometimes I think the only answer is through genetic engineering. Creating a super-race of elites, god-like painters, poets, writers, composers, and they will, of course, be highly nationalistic. Or is that putting too much faith into the weakness of human nature?

  18. Anon - I understand your frustration. I do. I see it every day with young men. I wish I had an easy answer.

    I still say women at church (if they're not indoctrinated with white guilt).

    I had one neighbor who was so frustrated with women. White guy in his late 20's. I told him smile at every white women you see that you're attracted to.

    Start up a conversation, ask her out on a date. Date multiple women, but don't sleep with them. Don't let your dick run your choices. Ask the questions, have you been with a non-whites, if so, it's a next.

    Have coffee with them the first time. Keep it low cost so you don't bankrupt your wallet.

    He did this for 6 months, it was exhausting for him. He finally found a white woman and they got married. They have one little baby now. I see them all the time, they're very happy.

    I'm not trying to be patronizing with my posts as I share you frustration, believe me.

    I'm 50 and it's hard finding a white male here in So Cal who's not a race traitor who hires Mexicans or who thinks they should all be here.

  19. Janet, I appreciate your comments and I'm just venting. I'll definitely consider your advice to smile at every white woman and start asking them out. It's just that I have the ability to figure them out before even speaking with them. They make it so obvious.

    I live in a small, mostly white, but obviously leftist town in California. We're gradually being overrun with illegals and there are even parts of this small town that we can't go into because it's illegal occupied territory. They just keep expanding and absorbing more and more territory. The whites gladly allow it.

    I've tried numerous times to get whites to stop hiring/paying them, but I'm just met with the typical liberal arguments ("we all bleed red"). Even my damn parents won't listen to me. My Dad hired 5 illegals to remove some snow from his house. It took them two days to do what I do in four hours! One white man does more in four hours than 5 Mexicans do in two days! The Mexicans leave trash on my Dad's property and piss in the yard yet he's happy to pay them to do this. Then he complains when we drive around that "there are god damn Mexicans everywhere". I shout at him, "STOP PAYING THEM!". I swear, I don't get it.

    Anyway, I went to the gym this morning and this was my experience. Keep in mind the gym is almost always all white people working out.

    Most TVs in the GYM tuned into ESPN with Nigger Ball highlights playing, NigNogs being interviewed, or NigNogs dressed up in suits as broadcasters (ludicrous!). Other TVs are on multicult CNN.

    All white men in the gym, regardless of their age, stand around and talk about nigger ball games. Whether previous or the upcoming weekend games.

    Negro Reggae Music, Rap music, Hippy Music, or emasculated Modern Music plays throughout the gym.

    A flier on the wall for the "female only" after-hours Pole Dancing class. It features a scantily clad white woman swinging on a pole. She's actually a Dr.! Attendants are to wear lingerie to the class. WTF!??

    A flier on the wall for Break Dancing classes with Jerome.

    And the topper ...

    Cute, young, fertile white girl who aggressively prances around the gym like she owns the place. She comes over and starts working out next to me. She has her iPod on and starts singing nigger music OUT LOUD. "If you want to stick it, and lick it, just lick it, ooooh ahhhh, lick it, lick it, oooooh ahhhh, stick it, stick it." All the while breathing and panting out loud. She throws a fit if somebody is in the area she wants to use.

    So, my chances of finding a woman who understands that feminism is a scam and wants to be a Mom seems impossible. A woman that wants to home school? Good luck. A racially aware white woman ... in my dreams.

    Just another rant ...

  20. Anon - I feel your pain, I do. I'm really sick of CA. Yesterday I had a meltdown and couldn't stop crying and I'm not that emotional of a woman. The EDD is fucking with me. I've been hearing stories left and right of white people like myself who are unemployed and who are getting dicked around by the EDD which is usually run my muds.

    After almost 20 years of living in CA, I'm moving at the beginning of the year. I love the beach and the weather here but I'm sick of the illegals and the muds running the government.