Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Multi-Kwulti Commercial Once Again Shows New-Age Anti-Racial Rainbow Youth Are Closely Associated with Consumerism. Says: "Don't be so White!"

This time pertaining to mayonnaise. Even mayonnaise needs to rehabilitate its image now, for being just too damn white. After all, the joke was that Mayo was for White people, right? So here we see a mulatto, a disproportionate amount of negroes, a black dancing with a White woman, a black man draped around a White, and a disheartening lack of White men. Oh wait! There is one! Right under the vocal caption of "Don't be so Mayo," showing a "boring" White male, obviously a fan of mayonnaise! What a fuckin' dope! That prick loves mayo? What a prick, just like all White men!

Obviously, what they really mean is: don't be so white!

You decide, dear readers.


  1. Don't BE SO MAYO!!!! Give me a BREAK! Who the hell writes this stuff anyways .
    He or she should be fired on the spot ... hands down.


  2. Keep up the great work exposing this anti-white propaganda! If only we could get white women to stop taking to feminism/leftism/miscegenation like stink on shit.

  3. HideouslyVanillaAndWonderBreadNovember 26, 2009 at 4:51 PM

    Amazing! I'm reading the comments posted on YT about this clip. Not ONE of them mentioned the racial/cultural aspect of the message. They're just upset because they think the commercial is retarded, but they don't know why it is.