Friday, March 18, 2011

Kill Whitey, Buy Sneakers (Part III)

When we are naked, we are at our most expressive; we reveal our true, unfiltered, unmasked selves. This is why when we are sleeping, when all our inhibitions are down, we often dream of ourselves going about our daily life in the nude or in our underwear.

This commercial is like such a dream, one that soon turns into a nightmare.

The streaker is like our subconscious selves, symbolizing pure self-expression. He runs out into the field for all to see--not just those at the stadium but everyone watching the commercial on television. For a moment we connect with this man. We have all been him in our dreams and fantasies.

Oh. But wait. This streaker is white. White people aren't allowed to express themselves, so this man must be humiliated and destroyed. He needs some hulking black guy to slam him to the ground and put him in his place.

White self-expression will not be tolerated. Signed: Reebok.

Reebok's strategy here is to A) Appeal to their black customers, and B) Make whitey feel inferior and suggest that only by buying Reebok can he hope to avoid the humiliation that this commercial portrays.

Don't let Reebok get away with such an insulting and harmful marketing strategy. Take them down. Boycott: Reebok.

Here's another Bonus Video from Reebok, Anti-White Media at its most vile.

Regardless of what you think of Sarah Palin, the most important thing to know is that misogynistic woman-beating is fine. You know, it has been approved by Reebok's corporate heads. They seem especially to like such violence when the woman in question is white and the one administering her violent, fatal smackdown is a hulking black giant.

Thus, while purporting to sell us sneakers, Reebok here promotes Anti-White violence as well as interferes in American politics.

Well it worked. Millions of whites were guilted or intimidated into voting for Obama and his Czars.

How's that working out for us?

Reebok, a British company, should mind their own business. And we, as consumers, should avoid them like the Anti-White plague they are.

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