Monday, March 28, 2011

London's White Genocide

Note how they say that young people are OK with the race-replacement of whites and that it is only the oldsters that have a problem with it. They do this to suggest that it is not "hip" to be against white race-replacement, since all the youngsters seem to be on board. Then, as if to prove this fact, they interview two young minorities who agree that, yes, whites should be race-replaced.

Of course the race-replacers are going to be ok with the race-replacement. They have everything to gain and nothing to lose. They have their "gibs me dat" to think of.

Of course it would go against the thesis of the makers of this Anti-White media if they had included an interview with a young white person on the street who had the opinion that their race-replacement was a bad thing. I am sure they would be able to find such people, just as easily as they were able to find some older folks who made this assertion -- though the more time passes, the less the youngsters will know what it was like before the influx of millions of other ethnic groups. They will look at the ghetto surrounding them and think it normal.

Of course the more the schools indoctrinate the remaining white children that their own race-replacement is a good thing, as evinced here at 3:02, the less these white children will feel inclined to speak out against it.

According to this video, non-whites in London have gone from 20% to 31% in a mere 16 years! I still don't see how people can deny that whites are facing genocide in the UK.

Convention on the
Prevention and Punishment
of the Crime of Genocide

Article 2

...Genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:


  1. 75% non-white is 'diverse' is it?

    So I'm guessing 75% white would not be diverse enough, and 100% non-white would be a utopia.

  2. Great Stuff neoswabian.

    I saw you slowed down your posting for a while. The fact that you started up again (and that Sarah blogrolled me) has motivated me to post more myself.

    Maybe we could do a "who can post more" competition to really get the content out.



  3. God, that video was fucking disgusting.

    Amazing the way the elitists at the BBC (and everywhere establishment) spin this sick, sick, sick, stuff: it truly is the mother of all conspiracies.

    Notice the way the non-white enablers at the BBC pick a fat, stupid-sounding porker kid with a towny accent to represent white humanity; notice the way the evil, evil little elitists at the BBC pick a metrosexual white guy with fashionable eyewear to represent modern white manhood.

    Seriously peeps, this is the mother of all conspiracies, and it needs to be exposed.

  4. all that gifted asian/black pupil image is bollocks.i happen to plenty of black and asian schoolkids causing trouble and bad vibes everyday at the bus stop.fucking horrible scum

  5. I don't agree with the white genocide argument of this blog, but I would agree that that clip paints a disgracefully partial view of the effects of immigration. Through pieces like this, the BBC is the mouthpiece of the ideology of multiculturalism. Immigration is painted as an irrefutable social good, ignoring the fact that different races don't actually live in a utopia of racial harmony as it claims, and that there are also main downsides to immigration regardless of any benefits. Most of all, multiculturalists are able to paint anyone who challenges it as racists, closing down any meaningful debate on race and race relations. I'd like to see a revival of British values and the requirement that people coming to this country conform to them, which I think is a completely reasonable and moderate viewpoint, but this will never happen so long as organisations like the BBC peddle multicultural spin.


  7. The death of the white race is on the cards. Unfortunately I am not having any kids (they would be white, as I am, if I did), as I do not want my descendants being reared in this horrible society where they will be persecuted & subjected to a harder life because of their whiteness. How sick & evil our leaders are to bring this upon the natives of England without our consent. They are fully aware the white race can not survive & their educational policies are there to ensure it does not.