Friday, March 11, 2011

Kill Whitey, Buy Sneakers

This is the original pilot of what became a multi-million dollar SuperBowl ad for Reebok in 2004.

Even in its infancy, it exudes a particular agenda, does it not?

Even at :12 we have the incompetent white male, making life hard for the other races. "If only this typical white guy wasn't so inconsiderate" this Asian woman thinks with a roll of her eyes, "maybe I would be able to enjoy my morning cup o' joe."

But fear not, Asian lady. The black man will avenge all wrongs perpetrated upon you by evil whitey.

Not only does this black guy assault the white man, he stands over him and teaches him how to be a respectable co-worker: "You kill da joe, yo make some mo! You know that shit baby!"

Hmm. Such violence. Such language. Surely no respectable multi-national corporation, such as Reebok, would have considered this pilot as a potential vehicle for their reputable product. Surely not.

Surely Reebok wouldn't endorse such violence against a young white man simply for socializing with a young white woman (:57), or the intimidation and humiliation of a white man simply for not recycling (1:35), or the crushing of a white man's collarbone (2:27) simply for...well, for being white.

Surely Reebok wouldn't endorse such criminal behavior or associate its brand with blatant Anti-White violence before a SuperBowl TV audience of millions?

Well, they did. And in our next post we will show you how this pilot was further developed--lovingly crafted into the multi-million dolar ad it became: an Anti-White Media classic.

Stay tuned!


  1. just came across your blog today, keep up the good work

    i have over the last few years, become very aware of how real this issue is

    it is, by definition, genocide. all you have to do, is kill the dominence of the gene - you dont have to actually kill any people. and i have become aware that nearly all modern media is directed toward that goal - there's no question about it

  2. What the fuck is this shit?

    It's not even funny.